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Tiberian Sun Map Generator

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Hello All,

I've been playing C&C Tiberian Sun since it was released. Now that we have CNCNET and Sun is compatible with Win 10, I've been baffled by something.
I am looking to see if the the random map generator was pulled by the source file, or perhaps why I have not seen anyone attempting to do this. there must be a reason why because I have not seen this. I figured I would post this so I can have a clean answer and put this case to rest.

attached is a screenshot of what I am talking about.

in the past I used to have a huge list of random maps I have created using this.

Let me know if this is possible or not possible. Thank you!


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The reason why CnCNet doesn't have a built in random map generator is simply because no one has had an interest high enough to create one. Not to mention having to figure out how the map generators work.

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