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Happy thanksgiving!

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This is the perfect forum for this topic! (I hope lol) I just wanted to give my thanks to all the cncnet admins whether they be Yr ra1 or tib. Sun whatever the case is. It’s obvious you all put in a ton of work and take your projects seriously I’m just one random old yuris revenge player but I do appreciate everything you guys do for the community, thanks!

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They tend not to reply probably very busy, and the longest lasting players on here tend to be tyrant a-holes that troll u on the sly if u dont do what they want, you wont get much back here bro, dont expect warm people on here.

In the game its different, im like one of the most popular people in the game where the real people are, on here this forum im like the most nasty human being on the game (to their warped minds not to a much higher number of people who I play with everyday to them im the opposite)

So expect no responses or expect negative responses.

But I can see you are a cool person genuinely appreciative, that says alot about your good character ! Good for you bro! :)





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