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[CH] - Unnamed5a tunnel - Unresponsive


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    • By momot
      I from Thai and I download cncnet and cannot play because It serve Can you help me please??

    • By Terminator - X
      Hi All,
      Appreciate your help for my Red Alert 2 Yuris connection to CnCNet has been lost issue.
      This issue only happen since last week after playing few months.
      Pls advise how to solve this issue
    • By Atavism
      Hi Support
      I can access and join a game on Red Alert but when the game starts with the MVC, it keeps doing this 25 second countdown and then another message appears and it says
      "Failed to Connect..Check Firewall, Anti-virus settings, Wifi "
      It was working fine for four sessions before this started happening.
      Now I have changed my firewall settings to allow the ccnet, raspawn, any other ideas about how to solve this issue ??
    • By ryan2bready
      I've created a tunnel server "Cannon Fodder" for Yuri's revenge and am forwarding port 50000. I can see the server in the web summary list but not in game. In fact the list of in game server options is much smaller than the list on the website- anything I'm missing?
      advice welcomed, thank you!
    • By KcTeBy
      Hello, I am new to the forum, I hope I don't do a bad post.
      I just want to report that this server I never saw it work and it doesn't work 3 weeks ago.
      I did a port check and port 50000 is closed, the strange thing is that it reports it as "OK" in status.
      Greetings from Argentina! Stephen
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