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Yuri's Revenge C&CTFD

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I have Command & Conquer: The First Decade and Final Alert II. In the past I created custom maps for Yuri's Revenge and played them in skirmish mode. After playing once on CNCNet the custom maps no longer show up in skirmish. All the maps end in .map now. I'm not sure how they ended before, I kinda think they were .yrm. Did CNCnet convert them? When I save them in FA2 I save them as a Yuri's Revenge map. If I open and edit one of the old maps and Save As again as a Yuri's Revenge map the filetype extension becomes .mpr instead of .map but still doesn't show up in skirmish.

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maybe you need to put that map into a folder  called Custom,The game mode of custom maps is defined in [Basic] GameMode=,which means you need to add a game mode to make it show up,better add an image with greater resolution.


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