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Are there any videos in counter strike and aftermath?

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I downloaded the full version of single player and additional missions are accessible from a special option in a menu.

Are there any video briefins or they only for playstantion version?

BTW - how can I defferentiate aftermath and counter strike missions?

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The PC version doesn't have these videos, however, nyerguds ported them to PC and you can download them as add-on here: 

Optional Extras: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/1165-how-to-install-red-alert-1-on-windows-xp-vista-7-8-10-linux-mac-32-64bit/


I think the missions have a prefix (AM/CS), this is how you can tell what is what

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Thanks! It's works just fine, without any problems.


btw I have noticed there is a custom made campaign - is it playable? I mean without game breaking glitches and bugs?

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