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Book marks. Do you use the same ones for the same things when you start left and right?

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Like if im on the right side I use the right bookmark for home and the left book mark for the enemy base.

If im on the left side I use the left bookmark for my base and the right book mark for the enemy base.

Does anyone else do this? I find it hard to use a key the opposite direction of where I want to go my brain doesn't like it, but maybe I should do that though because I should stay consistent with the keys I use each time no matter where I am to increase speed and muscle memory?  

What do you guys think /do and what if the enemy base is  above or below are your book marks in a line 1-4 left to right?



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W is always war factories, r is always battleground or where I want tanks to go, space is always where I’m building.. my brain is too small to change it around depending on position..

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