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infantry units are too underpowered compared to tanks!

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On 7/27/2018 at 3:24 PM, ore_truck said:

The infantry seem alright. Civilian garrisons provide more usefulness for standard infantry, anti-tank classes are uncrushable and how each faction have unique infantry arsenal like Soviets are meant to win by massing units, so the conscript are easier to mass and make better meat shields plus they got the cloning vats in RA2, Allies are portrayed like modern warfare military so they have better spec ops commando and infiltration units while the psycho weirdo yuri has his own whacko infantry classes for his whacky tactics.

I like how Red Alert 2 infantry have different types like the low tier ones are meant to be en massed (basic infantry, flak troopers, rocketeers, guardian GIs, etc), special purpose unit (engineer, spy, yuri, sniper) and special forces (infantry not meant to be massed but can be powerful in low numbers if the enemy base is left undefended like Navy SEALs, Tanya, chrono legionaire, etc). 

It's how you pick the right time and right type of infantry unit to see how useful they are. For example, you don't send the massed lower tier in late game when the enemy has lots of snipers,desolators,virus, prism tanks, etc. You don't need special purpose infantry if there are no tech buildings to capture or bridges to destroy. You don't deploy commando units if the enemy is expecting one and had anti-infantry defenses littered in his base.

Glad you said Infantry are alright! :D Because! on YR! When you face Allies Players. Spamming Prism Tanks! The Yuri Player. SHOULD ALWAYS SPAM! 2000! YURI BRUTES! VS THEIR PRISM TANKS! TO WIN! As ill always keep saying the true facts! That Yuri Brutes! are always Extremely Overpowered! Vs everything They face! And that They are Never! Useless! Or Expensive! And that they are an amazing unit to spam in this game! too :)  ❤️ :D So every Yuri Player. SHOULD ALWAYS SPAM! YURI BRUTES! Even against Mass Prism Tanks! :) To win every game! :3 So nothing will ever! Win against my own! Hungry Yuri Brutes! As true yuri brute spammers! ALWAYS WIN! ❤️ 

As in this Photo Right here! I Got Infinite Amounts of money! And Yuri Brutes! And! I Defeated 250! Prism Tanks! That the AI player has! And my Hungry Yuri Brutes! came out Victorious! Because! Like i said! They are an amazing unit to spam! In this game! And they are Extremely Overpowered! Too! ❤️ :D 

So Hungry Yuri Brutes! will Never! Be Useless! Or Expensive! ❤️ :3 :D


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