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Red Dawn (RA-1)


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I updated the First page with new links. No point of people going through 16 pages to find current links.




“Red Dawn 2013 Installer” Required For Play (110.31 MB)



Full game with 35 soundtracks from C&C95 and Covert Ops. Terrain Editor (EDWIN) and C&C-RAED v1.26.


“Red Dawn 2012 Videos Installer” Optional. (188.57 MB)



Win and Lose movies for all missions plus some briefing.

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Because Buggy was the Mine Layer. I have to use Tracked=yes or the Buggy won't tun to attack anything and tracked unit will crush guys. I know this suck bad for the early GDI C&C Classic missions. I do wish Iran would make the Turret=yes key. This would tell the game that this unit has a turret so I could quit having to use Tracked=yes on the buggy.



Also edit the Aftermath.ini has has the [TurretGun] listed in it as well.


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Yes I'm sure Tracked= key lets tanks crush infantry or even othe units that have Crushable=yes. If I set Tracked=no the unit can't crush infantry and can't turn to attack any thing as the Mine Layer dosn't have a turret.


The only wheeled unit that has weapon is the Jeep/Ranger and it dosn't use the Tracked= key but has turret logic

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Because Buggy was the Mine Layer. I have to use Tracked=yes or the Buggy won't tun to attack anything and tracked unit will crush guys.

"the Buggy won't tun to attack anything"

You mean the body or turret? If it's just the body, um, why not just give it a set of turret graphics?

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"the Buggy won't turn to attack anything"

You mean the body or turret? If it's just the body, um, why not just give it a set of turret graphics?


the Buggy won't turn to attack anything with out tracked= and giving the .shp a set of turret graphics dosen't give a turret in game to the unit. With Tracked= the whole body turns like the APC when it attacks.


Are you sure the Mine Layer doesn't still crush infantry because it is hard-coded like that? What makes the Jeep/Ranger be able to crush?


Jeep/Ranger dosn't crush. Any unit that dosn't have Tracked=yes can't crush and are assumed to be wheeled by the game. Also ROB posted a crash dump. Can you take a look at it and see if you can what is the cause of the crash he is having?

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The Jeep/Ranger and Mine Layer crush logics are hard-coded, the game setups every unit type with a function that takes tons of arguments, one of them is a 'can crush' flag. In the last 30 minutes I made the Ranger/Jeep be able to crush infantry and prevented the Nod Buggy from Red Dawn from doing this (by modifying the minelayer settings).


This instruction is reponsible:


AUTO:0056DD85 050                push    1              ; can crush, push 1 = true


You need to change it to 'push 0'. Note that the 0x0056DD85 address is the in memory address of the instruction, not the address inside the executable. If you're interested in hex editing the EXE to apply this change please tell me so I'll figure out what address in the EXE needs to be changed. If you do that you need to modify every EXE I give you to add this change, so you should find some kind of program which can patch the EXE with this change (and any future ones) automatically.

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If ANT1 to ANT3 were able to use more than 8 facings would that allow you to make Red Dawn any better?


I also found out how to enable/disable shroud generator and radar jamming abilities on vehicle units, next to figuring out how to enable/disable crushing.

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i could have sworn that tracked= also controlled if the unit could crush but since you can see inside of the game you would know this for sure. ANT1 to ANT3 are fine. I already use them. It took some time to convert the Recon Bike, Flame Tank and Stealth Tank to Ant format.


Let me know if you find any more.

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But ANT1 to ANT3 only use 8 facings, not 32. The other vehicles are set up to use 32 facings.


There should be options for vehicles which have their turret on the back of the vehicle (instead of center), an option to enable/disable turret and one for bigger selection bracket. Does any of those interest you?

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      Air is over powered in red alert 1  
      also anti air is under powered in red alert 1 
      This has been a problem for long time but has become more clear too me over time when i changed from being a base builder too a tanker 
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      war tank players out right ban air from there games but air also just op on all maps 
      also tanker base builds dont want because of air 
      i was used not mind till too many players used air and how op it is
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      u can learn play the game any way u want in your own room this post not shame air players say there not pro 
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      I want some kind of fix too this air problem 
      The best fix i think is add a button so players can just turn air on or off in room host settings 
      that way the mod maps in red alert 1 that need stats too stay the same will not get messed up by any fix is made 
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      players who like air should play with others who like air 
      players who hate air like me should play others of are own kind be able have a clean air free game when is asked of the players 
      guys be friendly its ok like air games just dont force it on me 
      just because i don't like air u might or might not like air don't stop us from being friends everone has there point of view 
    • By sgtmyers88
      EDIT: The new mod profile is live!
      So long time no chat. lol 😀 Since finally completing the story campaigns for Tiberian Dawn Redux a couple years ago I have been repeatedly approached about carrying the mod over into the RA universe with a spinoff. While it's still in the very early stages of development, Red Alert Redux is slowly being brought to life. I haven't decided if it will be a mini-mod type add-on built into TDR (think GDI/Nod vs. Allies/Soviets in skirmish) or a standalone project built off of the renovated C&C Generals SAGE engine TDR is now using. I know a lot of the assets and coding between the original TD and RA games is nearly the same so it would streamline development quite a bit. (looking into the original game files I noticed a lot of the art and audio assets are using the same filenames to confirm this) The biggest hurdles I have will be making a decent naval system, designing, coding, and animating attack dogs and then the Chronosphere stuff. I may also (as I did with TDR) consolidate the unit and structure tech tree and add unit upgrades and special abilities. (e.g. Engineers doubled as Mechanics and APC's doubled as Medics) So who wants Red Alert Redux? And I will say it will not be a 1:1 remake. As I did with TDR I aim to keep as much of the original wacky tech and atmosphere Westwood developed for TD and RA but also have a more realistic spin on it in both appearance and gameplay. I have been considering consulting with the former Cold War Crisis Mod Team and the guys behind Red Alert: A Path Beyond.

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