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Red Dawn (RA-1)

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mm, must be built a bit deeper into C&C. We were having trouble getting them to fly and hit like the rockets in TD, which is why it was just changed to being like a tank shell; so that they were nice and even every time they were fired. At the worst, they're a little inaccurate if the target is moving and the troop is at max range.


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But the AP warhead doesn't do a lot of splash :P

Or are you saying that the splash dmg of AP warhead in TD is higher than RA1?

Maybe but the stats_***.txt I have from Nyerguds don't list Spread=.

stats_*** what now? My stats are all in ini files, in



warheads.ini says that Armor Piercing has a spread factor of '6'. So yeah. That's twice what it is in RA, I think 8)

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Interesting, I might look into that for the mod I'm using... although that would make it better against infantry also. ARG, so hard to balance xD


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stats_*** what now? My stats are all in ini files, in



warheads.ini says that Armor Piercing has a spread factor of '6'. So yeah. That's twice what it is in RA, I think 8)


The stats_***.txt from http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/mods/ The stats_***.txt's are from Apr-2008 and are somewhat incomplete. Some weapons that units have in the stats_units.txt are not found in the stats_weapons.txt. I will get the files from inirules as they are up to date.

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Oh, wow. I didn't even know I put that there, or I would've removed them from the moment I uploaded those other ini files. They're terribly incomplete compared to what I already know now.




Removed  :)

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So I recently replayed this and I'm loving it :D

I beat a lot of the modded CS and AF missions, still didn't do bacon of fear though.


Classic Nod 9 irks me though... Medium tank rolled over my rocket troopers and then attacked my harvester! Grrr.


I'm making a few missions for this though so stay tuned for those  :)

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Red Dawn 2014 is released!


Red Dawn 2014 is standalone like 2013 and still uses Iran Patch/Portable RA that added Hires and better compatibility for Vista and forward systems. Red Dawn 2014 dosen't differ to much from Red Dawn 2013 when it comes to single player missions. The most noteable change is Nod now uses secondary colors for all missions. Five new mission added and one fan made are now included in the game. Jungle theater by Tschokky added and used for fivr of the new missions.


Red Dawn Online has been merged with Red Dawn 2014. This mean online play on CnCNet 5 (old CnCNet 4 has been removed). Aftermath Game option is now Classic C&C option and when turned on the game will only use C&C95 units and buildings. The exceptions are the Missile Silo, Ship Yard, Gunboats and Tranport. The Missile Silo is needed as it is the only way for a Nuke to be made. The Ship Yard, Gunboats and Tranport are need for some RA1 maps most notable "Docklands (Medium)".


RAED (Map/Scenario Editor) has been updated to the version edited by Iran to use all 6 theaters. At this time the CnCNet 5 ra95-spawn.exe dosen't support the Jungle theater but I have updated the CnCNet 5 lobby's map preview generator so when/if CnCNet 5 updates the ra95-spawn.exe to use the Jungle theater things are ready to go.


System Requirements

Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7. Launcher and configuration tool require the .Net 2.0 framework. I think you could run on Win95 to ME with out the Launcher and configuration tool by starting the game from the RA95.exe. You may be able to get it to work on Linux and Mac with tweaks. PortableRA's Linux and Mac tabs should be able to help http://iran.cnc-comm.com/ra/




GDI Hires



Nod Hires



C&C Classic GDI9



C&C Classic Nod 11B



CnCNet 5 Lobby





“Red Dawn 2014 Installer” Required For Play (49.06 MB)



Full game with Terrain Editor (EDWIN) and C&C-RAED v1.26.


“Red Dawn 2014 Music Installer” Optional. (61.63 MB)



35 music soundtracks from C&C95 and Covert Ops add-ons.


“Red Dawn 2013 Videos Installer” Optional. (179.83 MB)



Win and Lose movies for all missions plus some briefing.

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Yes. You can use the included RAED from the lanucher and also see the How To folder. It has info on doing Classic C&C missions setup, changing colors, using custom tutorial for your mission and geting your mission to be listed on the Classic C&C & Custom Mission list.


Note the Making Desert and Winter Maps.txt is kind of out of date as RAED can now open Desert, Jungle, Winter maps.

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also im having problems setting up triggers i wanted the made up misson where enemy AI make a vehicle and units and then try to atttack my position

also i did manage to make a reinforcements however


still i having problems setting an AI do make units or construct their units and even train their units in builds


i have list of misson im planning to make


-GDI special misson: Terminator Project(wip)

-GDI special misson: clones down under(comming soon)

-GDI special misson: Attack of the clones(comming soon)

-GDI special misson: Secure The Bunker (comming soon)

-GDI special misson: Centax Facility Dillema(comming soon)

-GDI special Misson: What lies ahead (comming soon)

-GDI special misson: Centax clones (comming soon)

-GDI special misson: The resurrgence (comming soon)

-GDI special Misson: Fall of The scorpions (comming soon)

-GDI special Misson: Order 66 (comming soon)

-GDI special misson: New World order (comming Soon)


~and more to come







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To make the AI build any units you need them to have Autocreate and Production triggers.


Name:      auto

Owner:    USSR

Existence: temporary (any linked event -> switch, destroy)

Type:      simple (event1 => action1 [+ action2])


Event 1:  Elapsed Time (1/10th min)... 40



Action 1:  Autocreate Begins... USSR


Name:      prod

Owner:    USSR

Existence: temporary (any linked event -> switch, destroy)

Type:      simple (event1 => action1 [+ action2])


Event 1:  Elapsed Time (1/10th min)... 1



Action 1:  Production Begins USSR


Once done you need to make a team that use AI autocreate. Also make sure that you put "1" in the Num: box of teams that will be made by the AI autocreate.


Name:    auto3

Owner:    USSR

Priority: 7

Max:      0

Num:      1

WayPoint: -1


Team:    Light Tank            1


Orders:  0 Move to waypoint... 0

          1 Move to waypoint... 8

          2 Move to waypoint... 4

          3 Attack... Buildings - any


Options:  Only autocreate AI uses this team type.



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okay now thats problem solved


but how to make an AI target to attack the player or player allies and neutral civilian buildings on the targeted location?

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The best way to make the AI attack one side/base is to use waypoints to make the AI move it teams to the wanted side/base.


In the teamtype list you can order that AI to attack

Attack... Anything

Attack... Buildings - any

Attack... Harvesters

Attack... Infantry

Attack... Vehicles - any

Attack... Ships - any

Attack... Factories

Attack... Base Defenses

Attack... Base Threats

Attack... Power Facilities

Attack... Fake Buildings


Or if you want the AI to attack a preplaced buildings place a waypoint over it and use


Attack Waypoint... #


This is good to make the AI attack preplaced neutral civilian buildings.

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Just so you know Chrome gives me a warning that the 2014 download is unsafe. This didn't happen when I downloaded it previously.


Also, Is there a way to change the building and unit prerequisites back to the original C&C. ( i have tried classic mode) For example in your mod you can build the commando after a communication centre (not ADV) ? I tried looking at the rules file but its blank. This is in C&C net skirmish. I saw an earlyer post by yourself listing the tech levels but my game doesnt seem to match, very strange.


Great to see people playing the classics after all these years. They don't make em like they used too!

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I have no idea why Chrome would say it is unsafe.


The spawn.xdp has the info for Commando. The Commando prerequisite is set for the basis Com Center as if I set it for the Adv Com Center Nod will be unable to build the Commando.


Red Dawn 2014 CnC Net 5 Classic C&C Mode is done by spawnam.xdp. This adjust the prerequisite for units to disable RA1 units and change prerequisites for GDI Rocket Launcher from Com Center to Adv Com Center.


(Note: spawn.xdp is rules.ini and spawnam.xdp is aftrmath.ini. Both are used for online game so changing them will make you unable to play online games with other players as your edited spawn.xdp and/or spawnam.xdp will not match theres.) 

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I'm new on this site, however I've been practising modding, creating maps, checking possibilities of C&C1 & RA1 for a long time.

First of all I would like to say that this mod is absolutely brilliant! I'm really happy to see that C&C1 has still potential and being cared of. :)


It was my old dream to use original C&C with the advanced possibilities of RA1 engine/coding, it's a pleasure to see it happen.

I have already read thrugh the forum, to investige about the future and possibilities of this mod.


I would like to ask a few questions if you don't mind about what can I except from the future. ;)


So I've seen there is an Arda patch for Ra1 which would make RA1 able to build linked walls and change building foundations.

Sad fact, that this mod doesn't support the patch, because if it would, making a full C&C1 remake with advanced options would be in hand.


Are there any hope to make Arda and RD compatible in the future? I personally think after the lot of promising and hard work you put in this

project, compatibility between this two great project would finalize the fullness of this mod. I know that the game executeables are different, but

what things would be needed to make this happen? A talented software engineer is the key or even with one it would be a pain in the ass?


Making Nod to use their original gray/red colours are just marvelous, the buildings, units and terrain from C&C1 being coverted so smootly are just great!

The playable RA1 maps and some C&C1 maps another wonderful feature, the UI and so on...


As I stated before I really respect this mod. But seeing the silos to be so... uhm... how should I say? :) squished is just bad. Having the outsized bibs and sizes

for some buildings are another dissapointing feature. In my case for sure. This is why I'm interested of Arda possibilities for this awesome mod.


Lasty, the weapons factory is my another issue. I know that RA modding without hard coding has limitations, but is there a way to restore it's full glory along with

the Nod Airstrip even if it's without it's plane? Are there any hope to see them coming back?


I could list my other interests about this mod, in short: changing building frames/animations (example: Comm Center's circling antenna), options menu in-game to match TD style, restored original C&C gunship with directions, map editor features (showing nod double colors), Nod's red color instead of soviet bright red and a few more things but these aren't so important.


Thanks for you reply/replies.


Greetings, gregpapa.

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Saddly Arda is limited to the stock V3.03 (or is that V2.00) If I used Arda I would lose the color changing logic that give Nod the Red and Gray look. I would be unable to use the Desert Winter terrain from C&C95 and the new Jungle. No CnCNet 5 for online games and host of other small things.


I know the silo is small and some of it had to be cut off. The Hand of Nod, Weapons Factry and Adv Guard Tower  had to be cut to fix or you would see a clipping/bleeding through the black shroud. If you go back in this thread I know that I posted a screen shot (Hopefully it is still there!). This is one of many limitations. Arda dose have editable Foundation but I was told that the draw logic was not updated so any building you made larger would have a clipping/bleeding through the black shroud prob.


I asked Iran about the addding Factories when he was messing around with with adding new units and building but that was somthing he had vary little understanding of how it was done. Iran is the one that has added many of the thing that Red Dawn uses like the Color changing logic, codding so that the new terrain could be added.


The Comm Center's and Adv Comm Center's circling antenna where quite low on the list of thing I cared about so I never asked Iran about them. Maybe the Adv Comm Center could be done as it is really the Soviet Airfield and in RA1 it dose have have 16 frames (8 norm and 8 damage) but it was disable by Westwood so it animation logic may be hiding with in the game. The C&C95 Gunboat logic is like wiped from the game as well as the (Hover) Tranport logic.


I may be able to change in-game options from blue to gray but this may only work for the background. So none of the text or buttons would be changed.


Iran also has edited RAED so that it can load and save the new terrain. I wouldn't place any bets on RAED to be updated. I belive Iran said it was wrote in pascal coding.


As for the future. Not too much unless there is a major update to the RA95.exe it self. I do have 5 Classic C&C mission a update of RAED and Funky's update of WinEd. I'm thinking it will be a optional patch.


Over all I know it is not perfect but part of me dosn't want it to be. Nyerguds put a ton of work into geting C&C95 working and much more as well  being a bunch of help to me along the way. I don't want to take away from this work on C&C95 so I'm quite fine with not coping C&C95 100%

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