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Recent Bot Flood Update

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We recently had a flood of bots spamming our lobbies with some rather not so great and frankly, illegal links.

We've taken care of it. I hope this did not affect your stay here at CnCNet. We apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused.

Thank you all for your patience, and let's continue to have some great games!


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1 hour ago, NerevarII said:

The lobbies or forum? I guess my real question is.....you can click links now via cncnet client?

I think you could always click links that are shared in CnCNet, both within the chat windows and the main lobby. The client even gives the website name when you enter a link.

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Such a shame that users are still doing this,Suppose it will always be a factor in the online gaming community's. Never the less I do have some brilliant anti-spam anti-flood techniques I would love to share was great on AWOS when I tested it, I'll share code/doc when my wifi is up and running..



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