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Updated Linux / macOS downloads

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Tiberian Sun Single-Player Campaign is now available on macOS and every Linux download.

Red Alert Single-Player Campaign / Multiplayer downloads were merged together with Tiberian Sun into one download. 

Downloads are now also available for Pacman-based Linux distributions (Antergos, Manjaro Linux, ...).




Ubuntu, Linux Mint, ...                                  cncnet_1.0_all.deb

Fedora, openSUSE, ...                                  cncnet-1.0-2.noarch.rpm

Manjaro, Antergos, ...                                  cncnet-1.0-1-any.pkg.tar.xz

macOS                                                           CnCNet.dmg



Find all downloads here                            https://cncnet.org/download



You may also be interested in the following snaps made by user [email protected] 

Red Alert (Full Game)                               https://snapcraft.io/cncra

Tiberian Sun (Full Game)                         https://snapcraft.io/cnctsun



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Wauw this is wonderful news for the Linux community (including myself), thanks!

I however would advice to update the download page (this is an example of the red alert one, same for Tiberian Sun).

I mean it just looks like I can ONLY play singleplayer, while in fact I can play Command & Conquer Gold, Red Alert, Tiberian Sun including Online / Skirmish / LAN  plus indeed singleplayer campaign. I hope you take my remark seriously.

Edited by danger89

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Oh right, I forgot to remove the "Single player" text when I updated the downloads, thanks for reporting. It would also be nice if it could detect the OS and automatically and show the right download on the orange button (not sure if that's possible). 

We are still not done with the downloads yet and there will be some more changes to make things more clear

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    • By Mythos91
      Hi there.
      I am working on my second Singleplayer Mission for Tiberian Sun but I have hit a snag. It won't load it gets to "involving factions" in the level loading list and an internal error pops up. I thought I had set up the Houses correctly?
      The layout of the map is done and I have done most of the trigger work finished ready to test but it won't load up.
      Could anybody help us out. Please?
    • By HandlessCacti
      I can get onto Tiberian Sun multiplayer fine but when I press start it logs me out of my computer I then log in and can hear everything happening but everything is as if id just logged on and I can't find it when I press command option escape to see my apps. how can this be fixed so that I can play?
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      Someone help me how make Ai attack in Final Sun Singleplayer Mission
    • By chem
      1) If its a true remaster I think it would be wise to take a que from a previous game title that was in a similar situation and did a fanatic and successful job of updating a classic game without ruining it for alot of people, it was basically a big success and managed to keep everyone happy.  So it would probably  be a good idea to employ the same strategy.
      The game is called street fighter 2 and even though its not the same genre of game even, it has a lot of parallels, it was one the defining games of its genre, an older game, it had a specific feel, a specific balance which was slightly flawed, and people had invested alot of time in it and developed alot of skill on it.
      The game that remastered it was called super street fighter 2 turbo HD remix. It didn't change much but it did update the graphics so they looked the simlar but better the music which was just updated in quality and tweaked more or less,  and it kept the same feel the same physics the same balance (the balance was tweaked a tiny bit and I think that was an option you can turn on and off even for the balance like classic mode and updated mode)  and so the skillset of the players could transfer over almost directly into the new game as did the feel and the comfort zone feel/factor.
      I think they got just right they maintained a classic and everything everyone loves about it  and all the investment of time  skill and familiarity  with how the game feels was kept in. So there was no disconnect it felt like it was the same game with a graphics music balance and features boost!
      I think the same should be done with cnc1 remastered, allow bigger maps more people, an optional slightly improved balance, higher quality versions of the same music and graphics, get rid of left side and bottom advantage,  keep the same physics, feel, comfort zone, and skill investment.
      2) If its a remake on a different engine I think the command and conquer 3 is a wise game to learn from it was a success because it kept everything that people love about cnc1, static base building , tiberium harvesting, basic tanks and military equipment not walkers etc basic looking military equipment all the core fundamentals that made the command and conquer  popular in the 1st place, it didn't deviate away from the proven core design, everything appealed to the majority of cnc1 fans, this second answer will annoy lots of very hard core fans  that didn't like cnc3 but they are a minority and therefore less important than the majority in my opinion, less important for profit too. I would recommend if its a remake that a lot of nostalgia is involved alot of the looks buildings feel and units are reused, and then add a bit of variety in the same style as the original command and conquer 1, so that mix of near future sci fi and current military equipment could be extended with extra units from our current military involved in the new game, perhaps deeper air and navy would be nice, for me at least it would.
      I cant comment on ra1 it so fundamentally broken with infinite  money and that's where peoples skill sets and comfort zones are developed and invested,  that it seems a much harder problem to solve and a harder game to remaster perhaps infinite money should be an option or game mode that way havening 2 options can please everyone.
      Kind regards, Chem
      (will update for grammar in a bit)
      I see don't make multiple suggestions as the advice given but this is really only 2 suggestions and I went into detail about them, I can cut out the detail but then it wouldn't make much sense and I wouldn't be able to communicate what I wanted.
    • By hosin
      I was connecting to the TS game lobby through cncnet, and found that i entered the chatting channel of RA. The rooms shown on the left is for TS, but the chat room in the middle isfor RA. Do they share the channel or how can I fix the problem?
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