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Blank coordinate template for TS maps (Final Sun)

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I made this to help me lay out my map, might help someone else get over that first bump.


8 units scales any map size.

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    • By FunkyFr3sh
      Command & Conquer 1, Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, Dune 2000 (+ Mods)
      Linux (Ubuntu) example:
      sudo apt-get install libmono-system-core4.0-cil mono-runtime wget http://downloads.cncnet.org/cncnet-server.exe nohup mono cncnet-server.exe --name "My cool server" --maxclients 200 --port 50001 > cncnet-server.log &  
      Server doesn't work? Get the latest mono version:
      On XP, Vista and 7 make sure .NET 4.0 is installed: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=17113
      Download the server and start it: http://downloads.cncnet.org/cncnet-server-gui.exe
      Note: Servers are chosen automatically by CnCNet and are only used in case 2 players fail to establish a Peer-To-Peer connection.
      Yuris Revenge (+ Mods)
      Linux (Ubuntu) example:
      sudo apt-get install default-jre wget http://downloads.cncnet.org/cncnet-tunnel.exe nohup java -jar cncnet-tunnel.exe -name "My cool server" -maxclients 200 -port 50000 -headless > cncnet-tunnel.log &  
      Download the server and start it: http://downloads.cncnet.org/cncnet-tunnel.exe
      Note:  To use a specific server you'll have to select it via the advanced settings while hosting a game room.
      Linux autostart
      crontab -e @reboot nohup mono ~/cncnet-server.exe --name "My cool server" --maxclients 100 --port 50001 > ~/cncnet-server.log &  
      The servers will not show up instantly on the website, it can take up to 30 minutes
    • By TAK02
      Whenever you run RA2YR (or even TS), can you set the resolution of at least 2560x1600?

      If so, do you have a resolution option that increases the 2560 width but not the 1600 height?

      Does that option work? How far can you widden the resolution without increasing the height of 1600?
      Note: Included MO, TI and DTA because they use the TS/YR engine, and so are included in this question. It's a question of engine limits.
    • By Assist
      Cancel topic
    • By brontanius
      Got the latest version from cncnet of tiberium sun, got the latest, that i can find, tspatch for most of the bugs but I keep getting a shit tonne of crashes. Im talking one possibly every mission to 1-2 missions and it usually happens just as a mission ends and thus cannot save my progress. I looked around and there is another thread about this that told the guy to upload the txt file, which ill do here, but other than that, I know nothing and have no idea what to do.
      The only message that pops up is "Tiberian Sun has encountered a problem and cannot continue". The only other notable issue i see before a crash is either I have too many units on screen(which was a lot of fun for firestorm assassinate tratos, seeing 150 titans running after 1 man) and the screen usually turns pure white except for the hud(the unit/building menu).
    • By ToxicNick
      I got windows 10 and it works well but whenever I do lan or play over an hour or so it crashes on me and yead Its frustrating
      Description: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.
      Access address:00000000 was read from.
      Access address:00000000 
      Version 2.03-CnCNet-patch-
      Internal Version 2.0
      Release Build: 10 by STEVE_TALL - 06/05/2000 - 14:27:06
      CPU 1586, MMX Yes, Vendor: AuthenticAMD 
      Eip:00000000    Esp:00AFF2A4    Ebp:00000048
      Eax:00000072    Ebx:00000004    Ecx:036A6C70
      Edx:036A3C6C    Esi:036A6C70    Edi:000015B9
      CS:0023  SS:002b  DS:002b  ES:002b  FS:0053  GS:002b
      Bytes at CS:EIP (00000000)  : ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
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