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Blank coordinate template for TS maps (Final Sun)

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I made this to help me lay out my map, might help someone else get over that first bump.


8 units scales any map size.

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    • By carlitosway
      I recently updated my MacBook to macOS Mojave, and after the update the CNCNet application simply doesn't work. I've been trying for days now, but to no avail. I even tried to uninstall and install the application again, but nothing works. Is this something that you are working on? I really want to play some good old Tiberian Sun

      Also; are there anybody else with the same problem out there?
    • By Kirsti_aka_The_CruSTman
      hello people, I'm brand new here ... my englich is not good that's why I do that on the google translated .. so I ask for understanding if errors occur .. I have now made the whole thing on my computer fix and everything works fine .. there is only one thing in contrast to the past .. I do not know if it has noticed some schonmal but if I have created my cards in the combat mode earlier, and always pressed on preview, are the tibirium fields in the map getting bigger and bigger. that does not work anymore .. I have to mention this is the same cd from the game, where that always worked .. can somehow somebody tell me if I have the opportunity to do something in this regard? I would be very grateful for help ... greetings
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      I use a MacBook on MacOS Mojave. I can get onto Tiberian Sun multiplayer fine but when I press start it logs me out of my computer I then log in and can hear everything happening but everything is as if id just logged on and I can't find it when I press command option escape to see my apps. how can this be fixed so that I can play? recently I haven't even been able to get onto the game launcher as whenever I click it my computer freezes, resumes then freezes again but after this it still doesn't even open the launcher
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      Hi there.
      I am working on my second Singleplayer Mission for Tiberian Sun but I have hit a snag. It won't load it gets to "involving factions" in the level loading list and an internal error pops up. I thought I had set up the Houses correctly?
      The layout of the map is done and I have done most of the trigger work finished ready to test but it won't load up.
      Could anybody help us out. Please?
    • By NHG(N_HuyGamingVN)
      Someone help me how make Ai attack in Final Sun Singleplayer Mission
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