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CnCNet Custom Maps - submit yours!

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Posted (edited)

Fu3lman's "Gifts Ungiven" *Updated*

Players: 2-8

Mode agnostic.

Ore: 340,175

Tech: 12xOil, 8xPower, 8xMachine

Good for naval. Good for cooperative (2v2v2v2 / 4v4) and FFA.





Edited by Fu3lman

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Posted (edited)

Hi. Here is the latest WorldWar5 map (tested) Im not planning to update the "ww5 alpaca urban" map soon. So this is final.

WW5 is the one of the greatest maps of RA2/YR. Idk who is original genius creator. (thank him/her)  Im editing this for years. 

Original ww5 had shiny green grass,  Its discomforts me when long play. I liked the brown soil so I changed its color to "urban soil". 

No weird modifications. Ore/gem/pole perfectly balanced each island. 8oil/2powerplant/2spysats for each player. 

Its balanced compatible for 1v1 ,,  2v2,,  3v3,,,   4v4 or 2v2v2 or 2v2v2v2

Give a shot if u didnt tried yet. But play with balanced teams :)

Have FUN and upvote if u like it :)



-VS- WW5 - Alpaca.edit.v4.2 -Urban- World War 5 - 4 vs 4.jpg

-vs- ww5 - alpaca.edit.v4.2 -urban- world war 5 - 4vs4.map

Edited by Alpaca

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