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Q1 - Is there anything "sacred" you would advise NOT to change in Remaster?


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Let me ask, is there anything "sacred" you would advise NOT to change in Remaster? Obviously that's a difficult proposition when not revealing the exact plan, but more in general. For example, many of the threads so far have said its okay to make UI updates.


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  • Grant featured this topic

Well this is a hard topic. Ideally we would like the preservation of the blood and sweat of the team which initailly designed the game(s). We are nostalgic to the experience we had when it was first out and to change that experience might upset the balance of nostalgia.

Although the following might have no effect on that:

Bug fixes, new resolution modes, continued compatibility for latest versions of windows, multi-thread support, more modern multiplayer options, maybe a higher quality Art/GFX/sound/Voice/music experience, more hotkeys to name a few.

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Concerning RA1 and older, I would love to see updated graphics, but of course faithful to their designs like Chad1233 said, and an updated UI that is easier to go about using than the two-column scroller. The most sacred thing I could say that shouldn't be changed are the base concepts of units and factions. I think that was where I felt RA3 fell flat since it tried to change up everything a bit too much.


As for RA2, if it were possible to overhaul the game entirely with a new look, but the same layout, gameplay, and faction styles, I would be all for it. And if Generals were to be remastered, I could definitely see it looking like the cancelled Generals ( unfortunate ), with graphics and gameplay worthy of a  2018+ RTS.

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The ability to mod and make mission is what made the game very interesting to me and many others, talking about Tiberian Sun especially. I'd pay good money for a platform for creators: creating your own voxels, mods, missions, balances, and anything creative

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I would see:

1 - Same gameplay (some balance units and builds are needed)

2 - UI interface - more social interation, keep in mind the chat into the game is too old. messenger must show in the center (like blizzard chat)

3 - Entire compatibility (moderns system - alt tab), pause and unpause gaming.

4 - Support community with new revamp balance and keeping game alive. (like starcraft 2 and other MOBA games)

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18 hours ago, Grant said:


Let me ask, is there anything "sacred" you would advise NOT to change in Remaster ?

Well, to 'remaster' something, by definition, NOTHING should be changed, only ENHANCED.

But since everyone else here is making suggestions (and some not even answering the question :D), feel free to go buck wild with additions:

  • more single player missions
  • better modding capabilities
  • more cinematics
  • a replay feature
  • 10-player mode :P

and whatever else you can think of. ***BUT***... please do not change the game-play (game mechanics and overall 'feel' of the game). Oh, and don't lose the source code this time! :D

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EA games, please consider the changes that are made by CnCnet admins and pro players. Hotkeys, veteran patches (TS), fixed glitches and unfair advantages. Most of them have been fixed on cncnet to everyones liking.

The mechanics of how for example, the carryall works in coorporation with a unit, has on itself a big skill level, and is what makes TS so great. There are many hotkeys and tricks you can learn to use to completely destroy the enemy. Please keep all of these mechanics. By any means please only add more functions that seems logic and natural. For example hotkeys and waypoints could have his own settings tab 

I would like to see a 'mode control'. So basically Everything is the same (beside modern graphics with the original crisp), and the modes will allow angles and camera angles. This will change gameplay a bit for you cant hide stuff behind a building, but thats always been kinda cheezy anyway. But to be honest, camera angles are still too much like in tiberium wars. Perhaps just a small peak left and right. But yeah rotating a building is definitly superb, also with 'auto place in this angle'

A good skilled player uses most of the hotkeys and functions. And to me, the more the better. The reason TS players can't convert to RA2 is cuz of the lack of hotkeys with functions, waypoints and functions etc.

Also i'd love to see a mode for first person control, changing the entire game like a first person shooter for any unit you'd like, and ofcourse an entire control settings for this mode, this would be so amazing since there are so many super units in the game. 

So basically i want the original game, with enabling or disabled anything extra, and a mode toggle button if enabled.

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Yeah, a remaster is not a remake, it's a remaster.

The core game needs to be in there 100% with the OPTION to turn on better graphics, UI updates, tweaks or overhauls in balance etc.
If you try to skimp out on this and get in there and change it all, even though you might please some people a lot, I can guarantee you'll piss of a whole lot more.

The big thing here that you can do is to add more modes to the game... one of the ways you can do this is with something similar to the "arcade" in StarCraft. This not only allows EA to make all sorts of new game modes, you could make a true C&C MOBA even... but this allows the community to come up with game modes.

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Fix South advantage, make air units selectable/targetable, fix harv pathfinding. That's it. People talking about balance changes etc. with their walls of text don't appear to know what 'remastered' means.

Keep balance the same and only fix bugs and control issues, this means no unit/building stats should be changed.

Edited by Ferret
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This was perhaps the most important part of the game's successfullness.

A big ladder system including, monthly, weekly, monthly map compitions, mod players compititions, map creating compitions, mod making compititions, clan compitions, 

And a system to easily look up clans and names etc.

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Keep bookmarks and have the same CnCNet hotkeys not the original hard to reach Westwood ones CnCNet did a good job picking hotkeys and adding hotkeys I always used to struggle to click sell to sell my Construction Yard when a Engineer is about to capture it and quickly repairing with a hotkey is a must it can make all the difference between keeping or losing a structure.

Fix the weird build menu custom resolution glitches. Fix 6 player out of sync glitch. Add spectator mode. Add achievements same usual stuff keep it the same game basically with better graphics and more reliable connections.

Remastered games can be good I liked the PS4 Crash Bandicoot remaster even though I could have just played the original games on an emulator. The achievements make you feel special even though no one cares except yourself.

Just thought of something else make the original games maps compatible with the remakes!

Edited by weaveR
Added make original maps compatible with the remakes
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I would love/like the Prism tank to stay the same.
Mods/new-maps was also a thing that brought me back to the game at the time Red Alert 2 was new. I would love to download new maps and play them.

At the time it was console vs PC, and i would love to come back to the PC because new maps were available.

Now days i see new games that are remastered use the unreal engine software, but i wasn't a real big fan of that. For example when they made Renegade X, i love the new looks of it, but i don't like the feel of it. it just doesn't really remind me of the classic renegade because of the completely new engine. This is just a tip coming from me, i don't know if other people feel the same about Unreal Engine thing.

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The game title is sacred, reject "Remaster"

What "Remaster" is in practice:
- Serious attempt to kill the original game and its alternative platforms dedicated to it (e.g. CnCNet)

On top of head reasons why:
- No original gameplay - Faithful (on the surface) enough to bleed the original game to death,
but not actually faithful enough to be technically close to the original (forget Q-move or manual non-queued production sidebar in Red Alert 1 for example).
- Heavy DRM that will require internet connection to EA's servers from time to time or all the time even in single player.
- No LAN
- Multiplayer only through EA's servers. Kills platform competition, no support for community alternatives like CnCNet.
- Likely data mining / analytics / AI learning, making you the product in the end.
- Support likely to end in few years after the initial milking, which is what EA has done to every C&C title, but this time it can't be resurrected and the original game is worse of by the damage.
- Confuse the original game's name. Remaster isn't actually a remaster.
- Game will cost money again (not a problem necessarily if "Remaster" had any benefits)

Of course not everything listed will necessarily happen, but it seems to be very likely that most will.
Mega corporations are not your friends, they are looking to exploit you with all their might.

Solution: New C&C title that aims to be C&C with classic mechanics is fine but definitely not "Remaster" or everyone will lose.

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The problem I always had with modern RTS games is that they feel and play really slow. Generals was example already a much slower game than RA2/YR was. The reason why I love RA2 as much as I do is that its an insane quick game that can end very fast, but can also last long if both players are good. Warcraft 3 which is a RTS game by Blizzard is my second fav RTS game, but is already much lower ranked for me than RA2 is just because of how slow and more advanced that game is.

RA2 (YR) is really simple to learn but very difficult to master. 

In short, here's what I would love to see in a RA2 remaster if it were to happen

- Everything improved related to network/internet so lag is much less common
- Improved custom map support so it can have potential to become as powerful as the Warcraft 3 custom map community (powerful map editor)
- Same game play with same game play speed but improved graphics (aka Starcraft Remastered)
- An option to have an official 'balanced' version of the game while giving users the option to play the original version if they wish
- The feel of the original games: Improved but same art-style, etc
- Quality of Life improvements so controlling everything is even easier
- Bug fixes

So, if let's say EA decides to make a RA2 game out of the RA3 engine which plays as slow I will already know for sure I won't touch the game at all.

Edited by Ra2Nub
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I just hope they aren't getting jealous of the fan/mod community and pull a CBS and start shutting down fan projects like what was done to the Star Trek community. If anyone hasn't followed that debacle, you should look it up to understand my fears.

Projects like Renegade X, & Generals Evolution and even Tiberian Sun Rising are ones that stick out in my mind the most for being at risk. And of course with me being the creator of the Tiberian Dawn Redux mod, it would be fair to assume that it could also be on their radar as well which rightfully gives me cause for concern.

Edited by sgtmyers88
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Support the classics. Dont change anything other than bug fix, AI pathfinding and making the game compatible with newer windows. Make it sound more like a patch than a remaster, because the original games are good enough on its own right now and I have no issues or need for a remake. The only thing that makes it unplayable is the out of sync errors that sometimes happen in Tiberian Dawn.

And most importantly, don't touch/fix anything that's not broken, or you'll end up breaking it.

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A remaster to me (personally):

  1. Gameplay should remain true to it's original release.
  2. Sharpening up, making those graphics really true high definition.
  3. By all means update the UI, like the sidebar, the main menus, but be careful with the order/structure of where items live in that sidebar.  Will really break that muscle memory if things are moved too much.
  4. Keep the original music, and/or add additions but it's gotta be by the great Frank Klepacki
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In English

Hello, being FAN of the saga Command and conquer, I would like to see a sequel to command and conquer Generals, the 2 was canceled in 2013 and since I do not live properly: /, I would like that if you remasterize one of these beautiful game, that you do not touch ABSOLUTELY not GAMEPLAY !!! The games are just excellent, the best RTS of the genre, improve the overlay, more beautiful textures, cinematics more bluffing, different vehicles why not, but still having the same gameplay of the old! For my part, C & C Generals is the best in terms of construction, we are not stuck on its starting area, I can put a depot, a barracks, a complex where I want, in terms of military strategy it does not there's nothing better ! I do not like having to stay in my starting area and build in a boundary around my headquarters.

Make us dream Gentlemen, No LOOTBOX, no FREE TO PLAY !!!!!

We just want a C & C Nine! all clean! and why not a true C & C 4, Tiberiuem wars, and even better a Generals 2!

Thank you

En Français 

Bonjour, étant FAN de la saga Command and conquer, j'aimerai voir une suite à command and conquer Generals, le 2 a été annulé en 2013 et depuis je ne vis plus correctement :/, J’aimerai que si vous remasterisez un de ces magnifique jeu, QUE VOUS NE TOUCHIEZ ABSOLUMENTMENT PAS AU GAMEPLAY !!! Les jeux sont juste excellents, les meilleurs RTS du genre, améliorer l'overlay, de plus belles textures, cinématiques plus bluffantes, des véhicules différents pourquoi pas, mais toujours en ayant le même gameplay des anciens ! Pour ma part, C&C Generals est le meilleur en termes de construction, on n'est pas bloqué sur sa zone de départ, je peux mettre un dépôt, une caserne, un complexe là où je veux, en termes de stratégie militaire il n'y a pas mieux ! je n'aime pas à devoir rester dans ma zone de départ et construire dans une limite aux alentours de mon QG.


Faites-nous rêver Messieurs, Pas LOOTBOX, pas de FREE TO PLAY !!!!!


On veut juste un C&C Neuf ! tout propres ! et pourquoi pas un Vrai C&C 4, Tiberiuem wars, et encore mieux un Generals 2 !


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2 hours ago, JamesRyko said:

I don’t know what TD stands for but I’m sure your better at it than me. WW wanted the harvesters to need to be intensely controlled in order to be maximumly effecient.. on tiberian sun anyways. Maybe on whatever TD is hat isn’t the case. Sorry for jumping to conclusions.

Tiberian Dawn, the first C&C, which is the game that actually has a 25th anniversary the soonest (2020).

I agree harv micro is a very, very important part of the game, and should remain so, but the thing is that harv logic in TD and the first Red Alert skews the balance. Southern players' harvs will wander North and thus slow down income if they aren't constantly kept under eye, while players in the North positions need to micro their harvs less. I'm not sure that is the case in TS.

No problem about the 'conclusions' part, you'll also surely maul me if we play TS.

Back on topic. In my first post I forgot to say I'd like bigger maps, maybe because I've already said it in like 5 other threads about that.

What I'd like to see as options in a potential TD remaster is:

- Fog of war - I've always wondered what this game would play like with true FoW.

- FoW would also mean giving aircraft vision.

- Giving helis vision alone is also not a bad option to have.

- Loss of tech/'requirements actually required'. Currently you can build and sell tech buildings, but you still retain the new construction options until you lose all related construction facilities.

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  • Grant locked this topic
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    • By sgtmyers88
      EDIT: The new mod profile is live!
      So long time no chat. lol 😀 Since finally completing the story campaigns for Tiberian Dawn Redux a couple years ago I have been repeatedly approached about carrying the mod over into the RA universe with a spinoff. While it's still in the very early stages of development, Red Alert Redux is slowly being brought to life. I haven't decided if it will be a mini-mod type add-on built into TDR (think GDI/Nod vs. Allies/Soviets in skirmish) or a standalone project built off of the renovated C&C Generals SAGE engine TDR is now using. I know a lot of the assets and coding between the original TD and RA games is nearly the same so it would streamline development quite a bit. (looking into the original game files I noticed a lot of the art and audio assets are using the same filenames to confirm this) The biggest hurdles I have will be making a decent naval system, designing, coding, and animating attack dogs and then the Chronosphere stuff. I may also (as I did with TDR) consolidate the unit and structure tech tree and add unit upgrades and special abilities. (e.g. Engineers doubled as Mechanics and APC's doubled as Medics) So who wants Red Alert Redux? And I will say it will not be a 1:1 remake. As I did with TDR I aim to keep as much of the original wacky tech and atmosphere Westwood developed for TD and RA but also have a more realistic spin on it in both appearance and gameplay. I have been considering consulting with the former Cold War Crisis Mod Team and the guys behind Red Alert: A Path Beyond.

    • By yuri624
      So I try to change the template type of a cell ingame. This is on the Desert theme, going from an empty, passable cell to an impassable brush.
        Code:    CellClass * cellptr = &Map[257];
         struct {
            TemplateType TType;      // Template type.
            unsigned char TIcon;      // Template icon number.
         } temp;
         temp.TType = TEMPLATE_BRUSH1;
         temp.TIcon = 0;
         cellptr->TType = temp.TType;
         cellptr->TIcon = temp.TIcon;

      After triggering this code the cell is no longer passable as it should be.
      In the classic graphics the cell gets correctly updated (both the passable status and the GRAPHIC itself), but in the remastered graphics it does NOT (not GRAPHIC update).

      What am I missing here?
    • By yuri624
      I am looking for a way to let text appear during a mission like here (from GDI Mission 9):

      I went through the code and couldn't find anything related.
      I did find the sound that is played when that message appears. It's "TDR_SFC_BLEEP2.WAV" in the "SFX3D.MEG".
      It is found twice in "AUDIO.CPP" but not referenced anywhere to be played.

      Any input would be nice ^^
    • By yuri624
      I'm trying to render a custom graphic. Let's say I have that pink box. How can I render it on top of the sidebar next to the credits (1), over the build icons (3) and maybe the game view (2).
      All I found was code in power.cpp, radar.cpp and sidebar.cpp that mostly doesn't seem to do anything. I can comment out a lot of it without seeing any change ingame.
      Any idea how to do that?

    • By Jthe420
      it took some digging but i finally found the work around for command and conquers cab file B.S. with the kanes wrath world builder.
      with the regular tib wars you do the / thing.
      but with this one....their supid installer is broken.
      someone else posted a link to where a good file is. heres that link.
      theres ads that look like installers tho if you're stupid so watch out.
      if i helped leave a comment or somthing so others know it worked.
      if not, ill brainstorm with you.
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