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Q1 - Is there anything "sacred" you would advise NOT to change in Remaster?

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It seems that these are the main categories 


1) keep the game exactly as it is but minor improvements in graphics, glitches, features (like a very minor upgrade, its almost pointless you may as well stick to the original, if you are so fanatical about the original and its glitches stay on the original ) This is great clearly but we have it here at cnc.net already almost, so whats the point? Also do you really expect EA to make such minor changes and release it as a game to sell, its just unrealistic talk in this category .

2) keep the game as it is but fully improve balance glitches features and the graphics get a boost (like an upgrade, but not the way open ra/cnc did it they failed because they introduced a different feel, it needs to be like street fighter hd remix vs street fighter 2 the original, ie better graphics and balance but underneath its the exact same game almost, open cnc/ra1 went too far away from the original its not the same game it feels different) if you keep the feel and improve features graphics and minor balance tweeks  you create magic, a perfected classic.We also want our life time of skill acquisition to translate over into the new game which it doesn't for open cnc)  

3) A new game engine that's 3d ,modern etc like one of those total conversion mods (like a new game) a remake not a remaster although it could fall under the remaster category since its mainly a graphics upgrade, but it isn't the classic game anymore, so it will be like getting used to a new game almost, skill sets will be lost, but it has big advantage's for looks balance, features, etc while keeping alot of nostalgia and what we love.  This is good it will work and please most people but its the other side of the spectrum of opinion for us  hard core fans.

4) A new game that has new units and the old ones so something like cnc3 but with better graphics and more  of the old units and buildings , this will also please most ppl just like cnc3 did, but will annoy alot of hard core fans (but it wont be like cnc4 which was throwing away the basic cnc formula that's the only way for EA to really fail on this )  this is no longer remaster territory but that word has been used loosely so will include this category, the advantages of this are the same advantages a new game has ie fresh gameplay new units features etc more replay ability less of the same old same old but also keeping the nostalgia alive and comfort zones alive a little, while adding the fresh new variety.


I think we should compromise and go for option 2, since we are all so divided. If you cant agree the only logical solution is to compromise. Plus we already have the original so those that want no to little change don't need a remaster.


There's a BIG chance that EA will want to use its modern engine like frost bite (that they have already created/bought) and there's a high probability that we will get something like option 3 regardless of what many of us want, there's no way they are going to go for option 1 realistically its too little of a change, we'd be lucky to get option 2.  I say vote for 2.

I personally like 2 and 4 then 3 but not 1



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This hasn't been mentioned yet but it was brought up by neogrant that it should come with a physical copy/release. I thought that was a brilliant idea!

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Thank you for your attention and concern. The main sacred this would be the game itself. We still and will keep on loving this 20 years old game due to its basic unchanged platform requesting skills and experience, spectating and learning rather than simply buying and advancing. The maps and controls should remain unchanged, in other terms we should be able to keep on playing the game as it is offered now, otherwise many will quit including myself. What can be improved on the other hand is related to what happens outside the battle itself. The cheats, trash controls and other matters should not be kept as a burden on the admins shoulders who are spending a lot of time babysitting and "cleaning". Within possible extent, the matters should be solved by the servers or the bots for so.




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Hi guys,

Sorry for being late for the party. I came here to check my project and stumbled upon this "breaking news" thing.

I don't know yet what type of remaster I want or is needed and I'll take a while to update myself on that.

Meanwhile, 2 main ideas will be worked (by me) on the CNC forums:


I'll stick with what I've been doing since 2010, so, in case the technology allow us, I'd like the remaster version to have an IMPORTER of the old maps, the BIN + INI files. Given we have now more than 800 fan-made SP missions, being able to update those missions would be important to enlarge the player base. If 80-90% of a single player map is able to be quickly imported, a lot of players will be interested in content creation, in paralel to playing the game itself. In C&C, the mapmaking activity was fundamental for the game culture. If it happens to be the case and EA is willing to allow access, I can start importing everything before release and this content doesn't  (or should not) have to be packed in the commercial game, just have to be closer to ready by the time of release, so the buyer of the game will have the 2 stock campaigns, the Covert Opertaions, but will also be able to play hundreds more, to begin with.  A detail is important to mention: I'm talking about SP missions only, but an importer would have to deal with the MP missions too. I think this is obvious, but I have to say this.

As a final note, I kindly ask everyone to endorse this request, everybody will be benefitted.


This is just a personal taste: being a remasterization, I know you'll keep the stock campaigns, but it would be interesting to have 2 paralel campaigns, maybe with the same names, in the same regions of the globe, the same theaters but with slightly different maps and goals, so the old casual player base can have some fun with new missions. And I believe you'll do something like that, because if it's purely a classic remasterization, you wouldn't need 2 years to do it.

I'd have more to say, but there's a lot to read first and most of you probably already said everything, so I'll be "+1" around in the forums.

PS - I tried to make 2 separated posts, but it was automerged. I'll try to split after the next post ...

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Some have contributed to the game by making a lot of very difficult single player missions. It would be cool to see those implemented somehow in the remaster.

Although, it is up to the original creators of those missions. If they like to share their work or not.



Chem, perhaps you can put this in the list you are making. 

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Didn’t read all replies, and since not entirely sure which game this is for my answer will be very generalized.

Things that are sacred:

-Tank Battles (somebody being able to win  7 tanks against 9 with good skill)

-manipulating economy( being able to Manipulate cash flow into having more money than an opponent with the same amount of miners) 

Things you should enhance(on top of everything else ) :

-Naval battles(a diverse variety of naval units to fight on the sea, probably would need something in the sea to fight over in order to justify such a diverse fleet, would immensely improve naval battle game mode )

That’s all I got right now, just a couple quick thoughts hope it was helpful


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O C'mon, they talking about bringing back the original series, i hope EA at least start from the beginning of the series !! All i hear is GENERALS GENERALS GENERALS !!, TIBERIUM WARS, RA2, TIBERIAN SUN...


There is plenty of scope to bring it all back !!!!

Yes i do like all the titles above just as much as everyone ELSE ... I DO !!!!!!, but PLEASE START WITH THE FIRST ONE FIRST !!!!!

TIBERIUM DAWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know i got hooked from the first time i've seen those refineries "construct itself" the container lifting into the refinery going up vertical, those leds showing the cargo is offloading, the harvesters had curves, they were big, and so were the refineries !!! they've put in attention to detail which is what made this good game a Superior good game !!!!

the helicopters you had full control as to where they can land and the blades actually spooled down to idle if on the ground long enough !

Bring back this REALISM ! AND YOU'LL BRING BACK REAL people to this awesome game. I want to see Orcas with the ducted fan blades CLEARLY spinning and spool down when landing, i want to see heli's and orcas and carryall's kick up dust when hovering or flying low over ground, i want to see trees swaying due to the downwash and water effect when over water !

I want to see f-14s and f15-s with afterburners on when taking off or flying at speed, bring back the rah-66, blackhawk, and how about an awesome Rooivalk helicopter for rogue factions !

Bring back the awesome navy, add scud missile launchers and bring back the normal rocket launchers from ships as well.

And bring back the The Repair bay !

Heck bring IT ALL BACK to life ! We NEED the vehicles, units, infantry and structures and mechanics from the ORIGINAL like dry sand in the dessert needs water ! ! ! !

I really miss the AA missile structures from RA1 i realllly doooo!!

They would hide underground, the stowing doors and they would lift up whenever aircraft is detected, hide under the doors for protection now that was awesome !!!!

Bring back the Caryalls transporting harvesters or vehicles, Add detail to these magnificent ships !

A New DUNE game would also be out of this world !!!

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It took me much more time to make my opinion about Remaster of CnC than i expected. I guess it should be more subjectively, cause of impressions. So for examples I'll take my most favourite CnC - Tiberian Sun.

So, first thing, which i want developers to pay attention is old CnC games details which made such unforgattable atmosphere. Old CnC games had charismatic faction design. Stylish black and red gamma with unusual geometry of NOD faction, which units, buildings, UI elements, decorations in cutscenes and, off course, Kane - all of these things show us NOD ideology, their mystical origins and what it really powerful faction is. Not only by what we can hear in briefings and read in descriptions, but cause of these details. In other side GDI - now it can be called as retro futurism style faction, with heavy armored things, which were little bit banal looked, but still charming. Both of these factions has their own fans. So as enviroment, which can tell us a story through images. Tiberium infected nature, wasted cities, darkness, ambient soundtrack. These details makes the atmosphere, and I think it's most important to keep it. CnC 3 is a little weaker then TS in this case, but it is still looking like Tiberium series game. CnC 4 lost all of these cause of cartonish and banal design ( and, surprisly there were almost no Tiberium and its effects, it's hard to link it to other games )

Second thing - gameplay. And before i'll explain my opinion of this, I'd like to say - there is should be full remaster of any old game, but it should be not CnC 4 like experiments. People there said, I guess, lots of things about how gameplay should look like ( honestly I didn't read all posts before ), but, I'll say that it should be freshed, actual gameplay in CnC borders. People argued at CnC 2013, for example, because their developers tried to make Starcraft, not CnC. That was really madish weird.

And the last thing - in CnC there is lots of 3D rendered short cutscenes with units. Remastering these cutscenes, making things which can remind these references - it would be best way to wake nostalgia.

Good Luck with remastering, and ressurecting Command & Conquer!

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What do we majority* agree on so far?


1 Improved harvester AI

2 Improved graphics (1point someone made is this would make it look red alert 2 esc graphics, in the cnc1 style)

3 A remake so close to the original that our pro skills will be directly transferable, also the same feel

4 No out of syncs or other annoying crashes

5 Compatible with all commonly used windows versions and support with future ones

6 Get rid of right side advantage

7 Get rid of bottom range advantage

Anything else is only an option e.g rebalances (like improved weapon's factory strength/mrls early for gdi  or reduced base creeping/ conyard build speed bonus like aftermath on ra1) and not the official game?


That's it?



Also do you think what we want is already in the future scope for cnc.net ?Will the talented staff here eventually get all these things or are some of them simply impossible?

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I hope I'm not too late to the party :D

I'll start by saying that I used to play cnc games as a kid, and RA2 was my all time favourite. I've always been an RTS player, but I've never been a "pro". I just recently discovered cncnet and I login for a couple of games once or twice a week. So I guess I belong in the super casual corner.

I have great memories of RA2, but when I got back into it I was shocked by how bad the unit control is in this game. The AI, pathfinding, the default hotkeys (except for q,w,e & r) are simply awful! I think that after the obvious graphics improvements, those should be the main points of focus for EA.

So here is my list of things I'd love to see in the remaster:

  • A normal hotkey for attack move! Currently you have to hold Crtl + Shift + left click. And it doesn't work every time. And it seems to not work for all units. Maybe I'm just a noob, but this one feature got me so frustrated that I quit the game and didn't load it again for the next couple of months.
  • Left click for select, right click to move!  It sucks when you want to select something and missclick  and your whole army starts moving to a random point on the screen. Since maybe a lot of people would be nostalgic of only using the left mouse button for all actions, the best solution would be to choose the mouse control type from the options menu.
  • A normal way to queue commands. Get rid of this "press Z *annoying sound plays*, click *annoying sound plays*, click *annoying sound plays*, Z *annoying sound plays*" bullshit! A far, far better way is to just hold shift and click.
  • A way to toggle health bars.
  • A better way of pinging the map. Get rid of the "Beacons"

And here is my list of things I consider "Sacred":

  • Keep the 2d graphics! The 3d graphics of the newer CnC games are somewhat OK-ish, but they take away from the charm of the game. If EA wants to keep the same atmoshpere, they shouldn't change this. Of course the graphics need to be updated. A higher resolution would be very appreciated.
  • The soundtracks. Please don't change them and don't do any remixes.
  • The classic building queues.
  • Don't touch the cinematics. :D

Ok, that's it! I really hope EA does a good job this time, though honestly, I'm not very optimistic.

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It's interesting how everyone is offering feature suggestions in a thread specifically asking what should not be changed... 😓

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Do not change anything or your mission will be a failure.

A Remake of Command & Conquer - is not Red Alert, Generals, Renegade.

It is Dune (Shai-Hulud) and Command & Conquer.

This game is old free ware, yes but still very profitable.

The Past:

Original, Windows & Foreign Editions etc...

Collectors Edition, Gold Bundle

Assault Pack, Pewter Figures, Posters etc...

The Future:

Command & Conquer 25th Anniversary = Dune 2020, Command & Conquer Remastered (Big Box, 4 DVD , Pewter Figure & Poster  etc...)

With Command & Conquer 5 Demo? Red Alert Promotion etc...

"And all of you future generals and dictators who waited so patiently while we finished this game! " Right out of the manual.


I have already spent thousands of dollars on this game series, and now do not play online (do to wrenching on things or making things).

He who conquers the past controls the future, and that is why I am building my Army of GDI & NOD Pewter Figures, Vehicles and Structures.

Tiberian Son

P.S. Will post some pictures of me, and one will be me dressed as the GDI Soldier just like on the cover after I go to the Veterans Day Parade.

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Hey everyone, as some of you might remember, I made a poll a little over a month ago on this subject as well, asking about what you'd like to see in a C&C Remaster. Here are the results I've gathered on my side:



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