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[6] EURASIA FFA Balanced 1.9

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Here comes a new map variant of Eurasia FFA 6 Players. There are some little balance changes, as seen below:


[6] eurasia ffa balanced 1-7.map



SEE LATEST CHANGELOG UNDER https://git.io/fjafo

Balance Changes

Soviet changes

     *Added Spy (T3)

     *Ivan can swim, throw his bombs in little range and is as fast as a seal

     *Cuba has desolator (terrorist replaced)


Ally changes

     *Patriot Missile has slower Ägais shots (so it's finally useful against mass rocketeer, but hopefully not imba, time will tell)

     *weakened Ägais dmg a littlebit

     *France Grand Cannon has build limit of 3

     *German Tank destroyer is invisible to radar (Blitzkrieg)


Yuri changes

     *Virus is T3

     *Disks can not drain and are a little weaker

     *Boomer sub is T3

     *No grinding (=no clonelab money cheat)

    *No Yuri MCV in crates



Each player has 2 ore fields with 2 Tibs each and 4 oils/cities in the colored areas.

Yellow color : Contested Ore fields (3 Tibs)


New Units


Soviet Spy (Soviet, T3)




Version History:

*1.3 Cuban truck removed (12-2018)

*1.4 Chrono tank armor reduced, little terrain updates (01-2019)

*1.5 removed pillbox balance because it was too strong against buildings

*1.7 removed pillbox balance rest code, removed chrono tank, removed yuri-mcv from crates, removed mastermind nerf, german tank destroyer is invisible to radar


[6] eurasia ffa balanced 1-7.map

Edited by cypher
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Posted (edited)

Why is your map file size so large?
Try reducing the preview image size if you're inserting it into the map file.

Edited by RaVaGe

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I can't remember but should be around 300-400px on the long edge.

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