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I can crate new units or structures?

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I want to know if I can make any  new units on red alert? such as new types of tanks or structures?

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This is possible for offline-games or mods, with limitations. For online games, you have to modify existing units.

Iran made a tutorial on this,  but I cannot find this thread anymore.

You also need a special RA95.exe for this. In the CNCnet version the possibility of adding units is removed because it caused out-of-sync-errors or something like this.


I added support for adding new UnitTypes (vehicles) to the game, they internally are setup like the Medium Tank but you can use RULES.INI keys to configure the newly added vehicle. I'll have to add more useful RULES.INI keys for vehicles in the future. Example of adding a new vehicle called 'DERP':


; 2TNK medium tank clone
Image=2TNK ; use 2TNK.shp and 2TNKICON.shp instead of DERP.shp and DERPICON.shp


Those are straightforward to add but it requires a lot of time, I first need to setup a system for every type to extend them and to clear the extended memory when loading savegames (with extra check for 3.03 savegames), clear memory when loading a scenario and I need to get a system working to extend TechnoTypeClass memory for every derived type.

Anyway, I've added support for adding new infantry (set up like E1 internally), buildings (set up like ATEK internally), aircrafts (set up like HELI internally) and vessels (set up like DD internally). Adding new vessels at the moment isn't practical as drawing the turrets on them is hard-coded based on their ID, e.g. it checks if the vessel has the ID for the Cruiser to draw the Cruiser turrets, etc.





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