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Yuri Rebalance Patch (Community) Changelog

[CC] RaVaGe

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8 hours ago, RaVaGe said:

@F.E.A.R. I have a few mod maps where I tried adjusting and balancing the game further.

I'd like to try them out. Links? 

In a rebalance, patch a really neat feature for the tesla tank would be if it powered tesla coils the same way tesla troopers do. However only 1 tesla tank is needed to power a tesla coil compare to the tesla troopers, which requires 2 of them to power it up. You can easily take down the tesla troopers that power up the tesla coil, but it would be harder to take out the tesla tank. I don't know how this will affect gameplay but it would be fun to see players testing it out. If RA2 was remade on a modern engine with the graphics of the cancelled C&C Generals 2, I would make the tesla tank have a battle mode and defensive mode. Activating between battle and defensive mode has 0.1 delay making the tesla tank vulnerable. The defensive mode would make them weak in combat, reducing their fire range and their movement speed but bolsters their armor with electromagnetic power and are able to power up tesla coils and makes the tesla coil more powerful compare to 2 tesla troopers powering it up. In battle mode though they cannot power up tesla coils and their armor is not as tough as in defensive mode, though their attack power, range and movement speed are increased.

I would give Yuri a heavy tank inspired by the IS-4  tank and designed after it, but in Yuri style. Mounting gattling guns on the tank would make a formidable foe for both land and air units. Though the gattling guns are not as powerful as the guns of the gattling tank and gattling cannon as this would make the tank OP.

I could go on talking. I just hope we get an unoffical patch for both SP and MP. This game deserves the most out of the C&C games, because this is the best RTS game after Starcraft. If not EA, maybe the community will remake the game the same way Crowbar Collective did with Half-Life one. I would gladly give money for support in order for this to happen. Unless EA bitchslaps with copyrights.

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  • 4 months later...

Have anyone noticed that dreadnought and V3 Rocket Launcher's missiles were changed too? I think this patch contains only Yuri side but it's not.

  • Dreadnought's missiles are more weaker than normal when patch is on
  • Same as V3 Rocket Launcher
  • And both of these units weapons are not dealing the same damage when patch is on
  • Missiles have no longer exploding. Elite dreadnough, elite v3 etc...


Boomer is okay but Dreadnought? Why? @RaVaGe

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Here is the patch code, show me where I changed V3 & Drednaught?

;============ YURI REBALANCE PATCH ============
;> Version : 1.32
;> Date : 12/09/2019

;============ RELEASE NOTES ============

;> Reduced Initiate Garrison damage from 63 to 25.
;> Reduced Elite Initiate Garrison damage from 73 to 30.

;> Set base level Bio-Reactor power output to default value of 150. (v1.09)
;> Reduced Bio-Reactor power upgrade output from  100 to 50. (v1.09)

;> Set Slave Miner cost to default (v1.30).
;> Reduced Slave Miner's health from 2000 to 1500, applies to both structure and vehicle modes.
;> Salve miner now builds at the same rate from the structures and vehicles tab.
;> Reduced Slave Miner's damage vs terror drones from 400% to 100%.

;> Reduced Lasher Tank Build time by 20%.

;> Set Gattling Tank's movement speed to default. (v1.10)
;> Set Gattling Tank's armor type to default. (v1.12)
;> Reduced Gattling weapons damage to infantry armor types by 20% to improve the usefulness of infantry (including the rocketeer) against Yuri. 
;> Reduced Gattling weapons damage against terror drones by 75% to make the use of drones a viable option against Yuri.
;> Reduced Gattling weapons damage against heavy armored vehicles by 5%.
;> Set Gattling weapons damage against light armored vehicles back to default. (v1.12)

;> Set the cost of Gattling Cannon to default. (v1.13)

;> Increased Chaos Drone's movement speed by 2.
;> Set Chaos Drone's build time modifier to default. (v1.14)
;> Reduced Chaos Drone's cost by $200, now $800. (v1.30)
;> Increased Chaos Drone's health by 95. (v1.16)
;> Reduced Chaos Drone's Berserk effect duration on infantry by 25%.
;> Reduced Chaos Drone's Berserk effect duration on vehicles by 25%.

;> Magnetron can no longer fire up cliffs.
;> Decreased Magnetron's anti vehicle weapon rate of fire by 90, this slows down auto-mag.
;> Set Magnetron's anti structure weapon rate of fire back to default. (v1.17)

;> Mastermind now overloads when controlling above 2 units instead of  above 3.
;> Reduced Mastermind's mind-control weapon rate of fire by 50. (v1.09).
;> Increased Mastermind's mind-control weapon range by +1.
;> Set Mastermind's health back to default. (v1.18)
;> Mastermind now has sensors and can reveal disguised units.  (v1.24)
Damage=2 ; Set to display 2 pips

;> Mastermind's overload damage amount increases faster, before it would wait until 6,10,50 units are mind-controlled  by the Mastermind to increase overload damage, now each additional unit increases the damage received.
;> Mastermind's overload damage reduced to match increased rate levels previously 0,50,100,500 per each level now 0,50,50,50 due to increasing the rate not  the damage, this makes it harder to kill or grind mind controlled units as more are controlled.
;> Mastermind's overload damage rate set to increase at an incremental rate on the amount of units controlled, this allows the Yuri player to micro to avoid damage as intended by original unit design.
;> Fine tuned Mastermind's overload damage rate to allow for more micro. (v1.19)
OverloadFrames=0,60,50,40	;This often

;> Set FLoating Disk's damage to vehicles back to default. (v1.20)
;> Set FLoating Disk's weapon range back to default. (v1.21)
;> Reduced Floating Disk's health by 100.
;> Increased Floating Disk's cost by $250 to $2000.
Cost =2000

;> Set Boomer Submarine Missile health back to default. (v1.22)
;> Boomer fires 2 missiles again instead of 1. v1.31
;> Yuri Boomer Submarine now requires a Yuri Battle Lab to be built. (v1.22)
;> Reduced Boomer Submarine cost by $250 due to being available later in the game. (v1.23)

;> Increased Psychic Tower's power requirement from 100 to 150.

;> Reduced Tank Bunker's health from 1000 to 600.

;> Reduced Terror Drone sell value to 1 as they stack with  the value of a unit they infest when grinded.

;> Reduced charge time of Genetic Muatator superweapon by 1 minute. (v1.09)

;> Reduced Brute's cost by $100 to keep it useful through out all stages of the game.
;> Reduced Brute's sell value to $100 to fix the mutator grinding exploit. (v1.09)

;> Increased Virus' weapon range by 2 to make it a viable counter to Desolators.


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  • 2 weeks later...

I dont know what you have done to the codes but the fact is i usally play soviet on naval maps when Yuri rebalance patch is off. But most people use that patch when crates are on and i hate playing soviet when the patch is on. sometimes lots of people ask for the dreadnought issue like complaining or something because missiles are dealing so weak damage and very easy to avoid +10 dread missiles with allied, i cant imagine flak anti-air! So those gifs may explain what im trying to say. Just check this out @RaVaGe

 v3 rocket launcher has the same issue



posted image



posted image

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Make sure your cncnet is updated to the lastest version, this problem occured only in the previos version of the Yuri Rebalance Patch.

What ever is causing that problem is not related to the current patch, because the patch does NOT contain any INI code for the Dreadnought or its weapon systems.

Edited by RaVaGe
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@RaVaGe i dont think its about client i have never missed updates, i know many people had the same issue and complaining. What am doing right now is letting you know all of these things, dreadnought and v3 rocket laucher is kinda nerfed in that patch. you may fix it or not, just know that. 

but, if you fix those problems it would be reallly really cool..........

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I think the problem is warheads. if you made any changes boomers weapons warhead in old versions, they might be sharing with v3s and dreadnoughts weapons too, can i see old versions of this patch? there should be something about these warhead stuffs, or maybe cncnet client is not actually using recent version of your yuri patch because there is nothing about these warhead of v3-dreadnought stuffs in this code

Edited by Tutankhamun
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1 hour ago, Tutankhamun said:

@RaVaGe i dont think its about client i have never missed updates, i know many people had the same issue and complaining. What am doing right now is letting you know all of these things, dreadnought and v3 rocket laucher is kinda nerfed in that patch. you may fix it or not, just know that. 

but, if you fix those problems it would be reallly really cool..........


Like I said this bug was fixed in the last update for a tournament that used the Yuri Rebalance patch.
The tournament hoster reported the bug and it was fixed and sent, the problem is on your side, reinstall cncnet client or delete the yuri rebalance patch file from

INI\Game Options\Yuri Rebalance Patch.ini

After that, delete the version file from your cncnet main directory, this will ensure you have the latest files.

Edited by RaVaGe
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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 4 months later...

It is overnerfing, what could have just done is: 

1) Descreasing initiate garrisoned damage 20%

2) Magnetrons become unable to lift miners.

3) Boomers become surface units (if boomer rush is really uncounterable)

I do believe that for to get more players, a mod should focus on buffing weaker units only and avoid nerfing other things unless they are absolutely uncounterable.

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  • 2 months later...

Hello folks. Firstly I would like to thank RaVaGe (and all the playtesters) for creating and working on this balance patch. As someone who wants to play as Yuri online, this is greatly appreciated. No longer fearing about players bitching about the OPness of Yuri :D

With that being said, I do think that this balance patch shouldn't just stop at Yuri, but it should also balance the other countries too, even if by only tweaking the special units. I haven't played MP much yet, but already with the limited exposure, I can tell that every Soviet player plays as Iraq and almost every Allied player plays as America (and a small number as Korea). The rest of the countries are completely neglected by serious players (and in case of countries like GB, Germany and Russia, even casuals don't play as those).

My suggestion would be to nerf the most powerful country's units (looking at Desolators) and buff the weakest country's units (like Snipers, Tank Destroyers and Tesla Tanks). The AI improvement mod by TK3600 does something similar to the country specific units that I suggested.

Edited by ReaperAA
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  • 3 weeks later...

Hello @RaVaGe, I noticed a slight discrepancy between what is stated (in both the thread and in the ini file) vs the actual percentage values about the Gatling warhead in "Yuri Rebalance Patch.ini".


Statement in question:

  • Set Gattling weapons damage against light armoured vehicles back to default as the 5% reduction made Mirage and Prism tank too difficult to combat in the late game. (v1.31)


Actual warhead percentage values in the patch:

Verses=80%, 65%, 55%, 90%, 30%, 5%, 10%, 5%, 3%, 125%, 50%


Versus warhead percentage values originally (as stated in rulemd.ini/spawner.xdp):

Verses=100%, 80%, 70%, 50%, 30%, 10%, 10%, 5%, 3%, 200%, 50%


The percentage values imply that gattling weapons are not doing same/default damage to light armoured vehicles as in vanilla. They imply nearly twice as much damage to light armoured vehicles now (90% vs 50%).


EDIT: Another small issue I noticed is that there is no "Soylent=800" updating for Chaos Drone. Which means that we can make a Chaos Drone for 800$ and sell/grind it for 1000$ = 200$ profit !!!???

Edited by ReaperAA
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  • 3 months later...
On 11/29/2018 at 5:15 PM, reflexion said:


1) Brutes are usefull enough until a certain game state. All fractions have units which are more or less usefull (depends on game state and matchup)
And YES, we can try to patch this after we have a good balanced framework. But in the same time? Clearly NO!
2) Every fraction can tech fast. But is fast tech the one and only unbeatable strategy? You lose a lot of control if you do that. All 3 fractions have a balance in their strategy bewtween eco, tech and production. Yuris fast tech is only a problem for soviet, but the problem is not the fast tech, but more ore less the tech state. On the other hand, would we argue that the allied power = slower in build (especially in early game) is a disadvantage? But the most important point is.... Is this a game-decider? Since 17 years, i never heard someone crying about allied and soviet differences in the power supplies. Also not for Yuri. The are different in their usage and handling, but nothing which is unbalanced.
3) Absolutely wrong. Slave miners be part of 2 components: the miner and the slaves. Slaves are very weak and easy to kill individually, so they lose the gems or ore (Its easier to harass them than other miners). So i also could complain the allied miner, because he could teleport and so save 1/2 way and can instant transmit to other ore-patches if there is a ref. If you send the Slave miner through the map, you have to consider that the slaves are in the building or to kill them, because otherwise you lose a lot of money. Also the speed is slower than the allied and soviet miners. You are right that Yuri has the possibility to send out there miners, but a big disadvantage of the Yuri fraction is the mobility and splits. Finally, the next question is... who complains about Yuri miners? Is this really the important thing to patch? Is this the OP thing of Yuri? I guess not...

So a questition to you:
- In your oppinion, what is the most OP-thing on Yuri (Top 3)

Look on mobility-stats:
Allied > Soviet > Yuri

Yuri is the weakest fraction in mobility. Should we patch this? I guess not, because this is where other components came in which balance this pretty good close to a equal strenght (except yuri).

So i stay on the argument that we should first patch the obvious things on the Yuri fraction, which are responsible for the advantages.
In my opinion i would start with the magnetron and inf money. If we can balance this out in a good way (Allied = Soviet = Yuri) than we can talk about other patches.

You dont patch, you change dramatically the game mechanics. Do you think people like a different game by patching so much stats and characteristics in one time? i guess not.


For example:
"Bio Reactors give too much power per their cost, Yuri can tech very fast to superweapons on one Bio Reactor." --> Make a skirmish and stop the time between all 3 fractions to building fast to supers. I am happy to see the big difference. Including all costs (also the additional initiates).


Glad. you said Yuri Brutes. are Useful :D Because on YR! When you face allies players. Spamming Prism Tanks. The Yuri Player should SPAM 1000 YURI BRUTES! VS THEIR PRISM TANKS! To win! As ill always say it right here and right now. Yuri Brutes! are an amazing unit! to spam in this game! And they are always Extremely Overpowered! against everything they face! So every yuri player. Should always spam yuri brutes. Even against mass prism tanks! To win every game! ❤️ image.thumb.png.85bd82d906ba671bbc9fc812be0ee8ce.png

As in this photo right here! The AI has 250 Prism Tanks! and myself infinite amounts of money and Yuri Brutes! :D And my hungry yuri brutes! Came out victorious! As they are an amazing unit! To spam in this game! And They are always Extremely Overpowered! Vs everything they face! ❤️ So hungry yuri brutes! Will never be useless! or expensive! ❤️ 

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I apologize if this has already been mentioned on here or is not deemed appropriate for this topic. But why not add another rebalance patch option that tweaks certain units, all of which are quite useless in their original forms? Here's a few suggestions:

Tesla Trooper--increased range, perhaps just slightly shorter than when elite

Tesla Tank--ability to fire on the move; same range as their elite counterpart but cannot do splash damage until fully promoted

Tank Destroyer--Attacks on move if enemy unit/defense structure is located directly in front of it; increased speed; slight range increase when elite

Apoc--reduce or eliminate their need to accelerate; ability to fire on the move

Edited by PrezSpammer
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  • 1 month later...
On 11/30/2018 at 2:41 PM, a1nthony said:

Ok did a quick read and Cekaj no offense but yuri have several “op” / unrealistically powerful points to them that need to be changed. Just because you haven’t played a true top tier yuri player doesn’t mean these problems don’t exist. The main problems are infinite money and yuri navy. There are some other OP points to a magnetron u like lists so here.

1)infinite money:

yuri auto wins grinding games just because they can continuously rebuild and nobody else can. All they need to do is camp until resources are low. Maps like hidden valley and offense defense come to mind first.

2)Boomer Sub:

A boomer sub can pop half of your base before the first American paradrop is ready..  even if you build afc before war (which again you auto lose)



Ctrl shift is dangerous and it doesn’t take skill, find someone who numbers their magnetrons and your done. Any maps with a bunch of trees or cliffs automatically add to magnetrons advantage... they can pop any unit in one hit, sometimes two units. And they easily dodge harrier strikes, not to mention they work in perfect unison with the yuri army.


 Sorry if you think infinite money should be a part of yuri then you must not play at a high level.

I Disagree completely with The Yuri Player! not having infinite money! Because! If they dont they can NEVER Spam Hungry Yuri Brutes! Endlessly. vs Prism Tanks! Also if the yuri player Cant or does not spam yuri brutes. With the infinite money they get They wont ever win.

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  • 3 months later...

It really depends on the map....

4v4 Cliffy and Yuri is still crazy powerful, anything smaller and he's pretty weak with this on. The entire game is an unbalanced mess which is a staple of Westwood games. Red Alert, Dune... they all had awful balancing.

I'd say the biggest offender is the Allies. They have so many units that have either at least a use or straight up break the game. Spies for example are pretty useless on their own. Put them into IFV and it's almost a 99% success rate to infiltrate and get those free promotions.

Veteran Allied units absolutely shit on either Soviet or even pre-nerf Yuri, with any unit: Grizzly, Prism, Mirage, BF, Rockies.... Hell the floating BF that rains down missiles while being pulled by Mags is something else... Not one unit can do this, but since BF is such a Underpowered unit.../s

Speaking of which, a toggle to disable Spies would be amazing. 

Soviets really only have 1 unit that holds them together and that's the Rhino. The rest is either situational or straight up junk. I'm not sure if you're planning to do more balancing but these will have to be very delicate changes. Nerf the Rhino and the entire Soviet ground tree is absolutely worthless, unless other units get crazy buffs.

The naval depends on the map, but most servers run maps that have no naval so it's not that big of a deal.

Edited by xe3
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cant help but notice that the two units which are the most egregious aberrations to balance arent nerfed. one is considerably buffed, actually....

why is it that sub par maps get loaded because the community has no say in map selection and patches only a metafag would like get loaded because the community has no say in what gets patched?

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On 4/20/2021 at 12:36 PM, RaVaGe said:

Here is the latest version of the balance patch.

YRR-RC1.ini 13.71 kB · 4 downloads

Apocs are still trash imo. Remove the shitty AA missiles, they do more harm than good, lower the cost. It's one of the reasons why Rhino is superior, you cannot cheese it to shoot AA instead of main canon. Or at least keep these changes, but let it prioritise ground units first.

Sniper IFV can one shot drones.... What, why?

No Germany changes? TD is the one that needs to one shot drones.

Magnetron changes are good.

Edited by xe3
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On 4/22/2021 at 1:26 PM, xe3 said:

Apocs are still trash imo. Remove the shitty AA missiles, they do more harm than good, lower the cost. It's one of the reasons why Rhino is superior, you cannot cheese it to shoot AA instead of main canon. Or at least keep these changes, but let it prioritise ground units first.

Sniper IFV can one shot drones.... What, why?

No Germany changes? TD is the one that needs to one shot drones.

Magnetron changes are good.

❤️ If were really gonna change all the weak/useless RA2 Units best list would be to do this

TD Make it one shot terror drones so it can atleast counter. Them.

Tesla Trooper and Tesla Tank Make them have extra attack range. And slightly more HP for the trooper. They are barely worth their cost. and uses.

Crazy Ivan more speed + make its bombs do more damage. :P

Demo Truck less expensive + Make its effect longer. Or more HP.

Terrorist Give it alot more HP. and let it leave radiation behind if blowing up + Make it so when bunched up and if 1 dies they dont suffer so much.

Yuri Brute. Give it more HP so people atleast use it for combat purpose. Desolators Seals/Tanya Prism Tanks Kill tons of them so fast. The money spend at brutes would be better into tanks :P

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On 11/22/2018 at 7:47 PM, RaVaGe said:



I tested this out, it's quite good until a desolator, seal or Tanya comes along.
This keeps the brute useful in late game as well.

Glad You said that spamming Yuri Brutes. is quite good! To do ❤️ Because if a Yuri Player. spots a Prism Tank spammer! :D Then the Yuri Player MUST COUNTER THOSE PRISM TANKS! BY SPAMMING 2000 YURI BRUTES! :D❤️ To win! As Yuri Brutes. are always great to spam only. :3 Since real yuri men. Only need to spam Tons of Yuri Brutes! and call it GG. I WON! ❤️ xd.




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