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Final Alert 2 Tutorial - Reinforcement infantry inside Units

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Well thanks a lot, I tried to add the things you mentioned and also did an exact copy of the reinforcement tutorial you added - I keep getting crashes as soon as the game begins. Maybe it has something to do with the map type : When I save it it is saved as .mpr (when usually I get .yrm, maybe because the map is very small?).

Would appreciate another feedback.


(new file is attached)

reinf test 4.map

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On 12/30/2018 at 12:12 PM, cypher said:

ty. I don't know why it is saved as .mpr. Now I tried :

-"Save as..."

-"Reinf test 5.yrm"

-Rename to "*.map"

- keep getting crashes in skirmish mode

-then I tried to download the files from @YosefAnan (http://www.mediafire.com/file/9y3yznh7skkav1u/reinforcement_passengers.rar/file) - where I also get crashes (from both files)



I don't know why it crashed! :huh:
I don't know how to solve this or fix it but try to download the copy of final alert 2 that I use it to make my maps.
Then do this thing 
Then open the map that I make and add building or anything .. Just for test if the problem from map editor then save it .. then change format to name.map for example then load it from cncnet client Yuri's revenge .. go to skirmish and run the map ..
tell me what happen ..
if it not work update the cncnet client Yuri's revenge.
if still crashed ask in forum how to fix it.

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Thanks for your answer ! I also got crashes from your files which I downloaded with no final alert in between and tried it with the latest YR Client in skirmish mode. I will get back to this on a later time.

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i do recall a glich when making tiberian sun maps where units spawned via trigger action 7 (reinforcement [team]) when spawned on the same tile as an APC, would spawn loaded inside of the APC, if that at all helps.

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