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Tiberian Son

MAGFest 2019 Frank klepacki and the Tberian Sons "Command & Conquer Live"

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Music And Gaming Festival 2019.


Frank plays "Command & Conquer" Live with the Tiberian Sons.

Watch this.


If you love the music, see it played live, not the studio Frank we have seen.

First Concert, I love it.

1:25:22 almost an hour and a half.

0:00 - Intro Video

0:57 - Act on Instinct (from Command & Conquer)

6:30 - Target (Mechanical Man) (from Command & Conquer)

9:29 - [Frank talks about he met The Tiberian Sons and came to MAGFest]

11:54 - Prepare for Battle (from Command & Conquer)

15:38 - Rain in the Night (Command & Conquer)

20:55 - Full Stop / Warfare (from Command & Conquer)

24:37 - Big Foot (w/ intro from C&C: Red Alert)

28:05 - Workmen (Command & Conquer: Red Alert).

32:53 - Crush (from C&C: Red Alert)

35:50 - Militant Force (Command & Conquer: Red Alert)

38:31 - Dusk Hour (from C&C: Tiberian Sun)

42:04 - Mad Rap (from C&C: Tiberian Sun)

45:28 - No Mercy (from Command & Conquer, w/ Kane's reappearance from C&C: Tiberian Sun)

49:38 - Slave to the System (from C&C: Tiberian Sun - Firestorm)

52:45 - Got A Present For Ya (from C&C: Renegade)

55:38 - [Frank dedicates a track to TotalBiscuit]

57:32 - Grinder (from C&C: Red Alert 2 and 3)

1:01:25 - Blow It Up (from C&C: Red Alert 2)

1:05:13 - Brainfreeze Brain Freeze (w/ intro from C&C: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge) / Smash (from C&C: Red Alert, briefly during Klepacki's drum solo)

1:11:34 - Command and Conquer (from C&C: Renegade)

1:15:20 - Hell March (from C&C: Red Alert)

1:21:05 - Hell March 2 & Hell March 3 (from C&C: Red Alert 2 and 3)

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Thanks for this! I just had to hear Rain In the Night played live again. Definitely one of my favorite moments from the set.

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