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Boggle04's RAW 1&4 Sov 3&6 Allied

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Boggle04's RAW 1&4 Sov 3&6 Allied A Learning Experience

Money on map:


Game Mode:
Standard, Team Game

Map Size
100 x 110

Special Notes
Position 1 Soviet
Position 3 Allied
Position 4 Soviet
Position 6 Allied
Position 2,5 Random

Buildings on map
Allied Barrack
Soviet Baracks
Allied War Factory
Soviet War Factory
Allied Con Yard
Soveit Con Yard
Allied Refinery
Soviet Refinery

Download Link:

Boggle04's RAW 1&4 Sov 3&6 Allied A Learning Experience.map

Boggle04's RAW 1&4 Sov 3&6 Allied A Learning Experience.gif

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