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X-Arena Tower Defense v4.57 Final version [Fixed] [MAP]

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And here it is!

A Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge Tower Defence RPG map that i made. Took a while to make :).

Objective is simple! Defend Yuri's Command Center until you finish all the waves. There are 29 wave on this map consisting of land, air, special and bosses.

I won't explain the map in detail, just play it and enjoy discovering new things.

I'll include one image from the game and the preview of the map.

CnCNet High Preview of the map is included.


At the beginning of the map there will be a timer for "Map loading..." in this 1 minute timer the map will try to detect these rules.


1 - No unit count above 1

2 - No Player is allowed to be on [Start 5]

  •  - All the other settings of CnCNet will be Re-Adjusted by the map.

If one of these 2 rules is broken the map will automatically destroy everyone on the map forcing you to restart the map with an AI on [Start 5] or a " unit count = 0 "

That is all! Hope you enjoy the map.

If you faced any problems with the map please notify me so i can fix it.


How to set the positions

1 - Player [Team A] [Start 1]

2 - Player [Team A] [Start 2]

3 - Player [Team A] [Start 3]

4 - Player [Team A] [Start 4]

5 - AI [Team B] [Start 5]


GAMEPLAY! (First 10 waves only) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba4c49KHjDY


X-Arena Tower Defense v4.53 Final version.jpg


gamemd-spawn 2019-02-14 01-36-19-872.jpg


gamemd-spawn 2019-02-14 02-47-11-681.jpg



X-Arena TD[Fixed][Original].map

Edited by Roooo/nunName
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Last update (Hopefully).

Map updated to "X-Arena Tower Defense v4.53 Final version [Fixed]

in hopes that the bug that causes the wave and the rest of the next waves to stop moving is fixed.

Also i added 3 more images of map (i might remove them soon).

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