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Hosting a Red Alert server?

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Hi there,

Not a big fan of p2p.  Is there any server code available to run and host a community server?  Any help would be much appreciated!

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17 hours ago, FunkyFr3sh said:

There are already servers available all over the world so you don't necessarily need to host your own to play through a server. If you want to host a server anyways, check this: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6325-how-to-host-a-cncnet-server/


Thanks, done and hosted one :)  

Is there a list of all of these commands about?  Also I play Red Alert 1 and have read that it will use p2p by default.  Would there be a way in the future to have the ability to select a custom server?  Nearly every Red Alert game I play seems to use p2p which 6 time out of 10 lags.  Also thanks for nop2p command!

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You can type "/help" to see a list of commands, but not all commands are listed there though (Haven't updated the list for ages...).


Selecting a server is impossible, cause there is more than just 1 server used per game. Each time you fail to connect to someone (or if you set nop2p) then a test will decide which of the servers is the fastest between the two players that failed to connect. Up to 8 players can be inside of 1 game, that means your connections can go through up to 7 different servers. However, if you hosted a server in your own country and it's the only server in your country then the chances are that almost all connection will go through your server since it's going to have the lowest round trip time.


If we would add an option for the players to force a specific server then the whole thing would just fail. Imagine you want to force your own server and someone else wants to force his server. You guys could never connect to each other...


More info about why you can't force everyone to use the same server is here https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9836-cncnet-server-systemd-auto-start-service/?do=findComment&comment=74700



That aside, p2p is the fastest solution and has been proven to work very well for years. If your games are laggy then something might be wrong on your end. Do you have some kind of special setup? Do you have multiple active connections at the same time (wifi? cable?).

Note: Sometimes games lag cause players choose too high resolutions and their PC is just too old and can't handle it.

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