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Why issnt my macro-use detected by the so called "cheat prevention "?

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I just tryd to use macro ( programmeble extra mousse keys )  on a ladder game, and itt worked!!! ( I know this issnt alowed, i just tryd to c iff its possible, causse some scoresheets are just to good to belive )

No kick, no ban, nothing.....

I think its time to upgrade your cheatprevention.........

I didnt record game, so no proof off using macro, butt i think admins can c this too

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The are no automatic bans (you will end up in the logs), we have to add the ban manually after checking the logs.

It's not a good idea to do such tests cause we can't know if someone is actually trying to cheat or if he's just testing. We're not going to ban you for it this time, but please don't try to cheat again :P (The "I was only testing" excuse only works once!)

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Ok, so games are only checked iff reported afterwards??


Thnx for fast replay btw, my intention was not to cheat ( would look weird tho, me beating some1 like leigh, nate or katch 1vs1 hehe ), butt to check. Thnx for the trust in me.

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