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    "But I'm not sure, patch 1.06 series has been a great development, IMO."



    Of course, I'm only bursting with excitement, because there is something beyond this side.

    I could count 100 arguments or at least less arguments of thier strength to honor the great work you've done.

    (Nyergud is the famous name - i don't know wether there is a partner who worked as long as him?)



    I've not found an editor for the DOS-Version and with a low resolution (640x400) you can nearly try,

    how the "configurations" i did, change the game to an interesting new one, grabbing the gamefeeling of C&C DOS Singleplayer.

  2. My Mother Language is German, that's why i cant express my Feelings when I discovered the Soul of C&C on english.

    I want to invite someone (Nyergud - it would be an honor to me) to play with me a game inside an manipulated C&C (with TibEd) - I tried

    to import the Soul into the Multiplayer.

    This beautiful game was never made for Multi-Games like these over cnc-comm and even in playing Singleplayer I had no idea,

    that it isnt the aim to spam with Tanks or Jeeps or whatever...

    First, I want to let you know, that the DOS-Version C&C's awakes a more - i am inside the battle feeling - enemys troops appear more surprising,

    its difficult to control all Troops without the "Communication" Center - aaaaaaaahh!

    The Shadow has a primary Role in the game: as long as there is that hiding cloud, infantry standing behind every tree can damage the tank,

    the only tank you probably have because of the little Tiberium Fields. Yes, and the Tank isnt a wonderweapon, its completely useless until the moment

    an enemy tank storms the front - so you have to hold him behind you, ready to take out!

    Selling the Construction Yard ist definitely Part of the Game - the Base is only an Army not already built - Ingeniers as well.

    The Towers want to be sold as well - for example the Turret cost 600 - if you wouldnt sell him for 300 and get 2 MG-Guys, he's becoming useless

    as the shadow isnt his cloak anymore. Shadow, Selling, Communication Center, Infantry defending the tanks...

    Sounds completely new for people sending jeeps in every direction in the beginning of the game, having a resolution up to 10000 to 8000,

    skilling thier micro-mouse-abilities in fights between masses jeeps vs buggys...

    You've never seen how beautiful the trees are in the DOS-Version, if Infantries move forward between them - hell yeah and then the hovercrafts...

    And the Mod cutting down the resolution doesnt look similar to the DOS-Version, never!


    How I changed C&C for a nice Multiplayer, this you can ask, but better try!


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