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  1. EA - C&C Remastered

    1. Announcements

      The latest around the C&C Remastered Announcements from EA, along with important topics from us around the Remasters.

    2. Questions

      EA wants to hear from you on a Remastered C&C. This forum is designed to allow you to give your own personal view to some of the questions being asked by EA, and that set by the community. 

  2. Important forums

    1. Forum rules

      in here are the forum rules. Read them!

  3. The Repair Bay

    1. Support

      Game & Client Support

      If you have an issue with CnCNet, installing or running a C&C game or any problems related, you are free to open a topic in this forum.

    2. Tunnel Servers

      Everything and anything related to Tunnel Servers on CnCNet.

      • Find help on setting up your own. 
      • Let us know about a tunnel not responding
  4. The Communication Center

    1. CnCNet News

      Never miss an update, all news related to CnCNet you can find here.

    2. In the Community

      Have some news, videos or images you would like to share? It could be anything, a meme, gif, video...

  5. The C&C Games

    1. C&C 1

      Command & Conquer 1 (Tiberian Dawn)

      The game that started it all.

    2. Red Alert

      Red Alert / Counterstrike / Aftermath

      C&C breaks time and introduces Tesla Coils, Tanya and time travel.

    3. Sole Survivor

      This forum is for discussion of the game where you control one unit and use your micro skills to defeat other players. Sole Survivor -> DoTA before DoTA was a thing.

    4. Dune 2000

      The noble Atreides, the insidious Ordos and the evil Harkonnen. Only one house will prevail.... This forum is for the discussion of Intelligent Games' C&C inspired recreation of Westwood Studios' Dune 2.

    5. Tiberian Sun

      Tiberian Sun / Firestorm

      Discuss the sequel to C&C1 that introduces more lasers, railguns and even big stompy mechs!

    6. Red Alert 2

      Red Alert 2 / Yuri's Revenge

      Mind controlled squids, attack dolphins, weather control devices..discuss Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge in here

    7. Renegade

      Command & Conquer: Renegade

      C&C goes up close and personal.

    8. Newer C&C games

      Discuss everything from Generals to whatever EA is doing

  6. The Power Plant

    1. General Discussion

      This is the infamous "General Discussion" forum. This is where you are able to discuss topics not covered in the other forums.

    2. CnCNet Discussion

      Discuss CnCNet itself in here
    3. CnCNet Ladder

      All CnCNet ladder discussion
    4. Mapping Discussion

      This is the main forum for map discussion.
    5. Modding Discussion

      Bring in the .ini files and lets mod!
    6. The Tech Center

      This forum is for research and programming.
  7. Hosted Projects

    1. Tiberian Dawn Redux

      Remember the original Command & Conquer? Remember all the units, characters and themes from the game? Remember the gritty feeling of RTS Warfare? Remember Tiberium? Well, that classic game from the early 90's that spawned over a dozen titles and revolutionized the RTS Gaming World has been reincarnated in the advanced 3D World of the C&C Generals Zero Hour SAGE 3D Game engine!
      [Moddb site]

    2. Archived

      In here rests projects that used to be hosted here or are not being worked on

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    • I now placed enough posts into the questions area about Queues, controls, path finding was suggested, being an obvious thing to do tesla coils, APCs, Helicopters, infantry crowd control with transports, crowd usage of helicopters, un-attended auto-refill walls and fences, how to use them viable, with a implement example, suggested Rak cruisers make it into normal games, together with original C&C1... ...landing pads, finally playable to transport single vehicles over sea; with crowd controls to enable mass -transfer vehicles (I did not write this, but its obvious result of this if would done),... ...and queue suggestion for buildings, resulting in a... ...better controllable, larger scale, better 'trashing' escalation with tic-tac-toe out the game with larger army forces mine layers I also suggested; I find them great, to make usable in large scale, to occupy a large area with a closed or intersected patter, with un-attended auto-refill make useless radar vehicles and all useless units viable, including bunkers, artillery and jeeps etc.-> infantry in buildings and forests save from squishing I am pretty good in making suggestions that fit into universe desireable would be some new campaign/campaign editor with access to the world map to choose custom missions, with definable mission order, that does not influence the old campaign that is accessible in 100%old shape maybe some world conquest mode, with access to world map, like the mode in C&C Kanes Wrath, BUT 100% accessible with COOP/Multiplayer, which encloses/finishes up what C&C is about: World domination games, extending over multiple skirmish games, with similar strategical options like Kanes wrath with custom battle groups - and not a stupid AI, hence players. The campaign related options are big, but in the openRA-style very easy-to-implement-high-effect products, that could change the community in a positive way, without faking the C&C1-feeling. I could go on
    • 4 to 5 ref in a 1v1 on a money map doesn't work well. The other guy will rush you asap anyway. The risk is truly only worth in ffa.
    • IMHO, Perfect answer Mole40k. I also suspect that the resource system is flawed for the multiplayer experience. The single player missions feel decent to me. But in most. It is mass titans. Just like how td players go mass medium tanks.
    • I as for me priorize the 3-ref 2-power plants build, as being the best balance of both: you are a bit late for early vehicles, but strong enough with infantry to defend/harass, before the enemy defenses become meaningless for infantry. I am a pretty good player, but caught to play with regular players, no idea, and not worth the cost, to hyperjump to turnament players that I look up to in the TV. 4-5 refineries are over the top, because you cannot spend your income without vehicle production, but can be still in-time if your early scouting determines, that the opponent is not buggy-rushing you, which can make your early infantry-defense inferior, even with large amounts of infantry. So if the opponent gives you the time with not-attacking, you can slip through with more refineries. And its a skill game, if you can get up with the vehicle production, with calculating that your late Weapon factory is also a popular target, just when its late-but-finally arrived, exactly then, its a vulnerable target. But there are mobs who count better than me?
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