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  1. So is like that? .. You are the maker of the most loved missions that I ever played, and now you are gonna make some more? 😎

    Yes please...more mission maps please .

    And, allow me to salute you.  I`m one of your fans since early 2000. 😊

    Great to see you around. 


  2. On ‎8‎/‎30‎/‎2019 at 11:29 AM, Messiah said:
    . For this map I needed 3 months, and there are another 3 months of work for the singleplayer mission on it.
    Thank you for your work. It looks so impressive. Can't wait for the mission 🙄😁
    Your last mission (Yuri's Final Return)it's still the best among all the missions I have found over the internet.


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  3. Here's a List of the best missions i enjoyed since RA2 was Released.

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/rmwjaa0udv45c7w/RA2YR-Mission Maps.rar

    You will find 31 Red Alert 2 and 61 Yuri's Revenge single player missions. I have edited/corrected the map folder names and credited each of the Map maker that i found the Read Me file. Example : First Move (Raul Riera) , Yuri's Final Return (Messiah) . Those i could not find any information i`m sorry :(Unknow Soviet Map or Allied. Depends on its kind of mission.

    I know there are threads with some of those missions you will find into the link but most of them have just 3 or 5 missions, and there are allot of lazy people to keep search for new missions.

    Just in case you have some mission`s and they are missing from that pack please feel free to upload them. Just missions... survivals are for maniaks ... :)

    Just for the records, my top Map Maker its #1 Concolor1, #2 RVMECH, #3 FlyingZ, Messiah, Des08tor, Timbit, luk3us, Tucker Kao, + many more :)


    Ya`ll have fun comrades .

    Merry Christmas :D

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  4. Oh man.. that's one of the finest mission's i ever played. (downloaded and played it now like a month, maybe more)
    But.. once i played i can't say i will play it again with the same satisfaction and that's because the end of mission it can be done in up to 10 minutes after the base is set up with a bunch of rocketeers.

    The Yuri should be removed with something more complex or at least to finish off all the base and enemies for the mission to be over.

    Once again Thanks for this piece of art . It's been years since i played a good map like this. (Concolor/Raden/FlyingZ and so on shall envy you ^_^ )

    Waiting for more to come. Peace :)

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  5. Please give more infos about. Like the weather ,theater, like the size of map,rivers etc etc.  O_o

    I probably played and replayed every mission map that it's to be found on the internet. Maybe i'l be helpfull.

    Soo.. talk with your dad too for some hint's about the name of the map.


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