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  1. Anyone of those listed guys still sometimes online?



    To all Champsite members,

    As you might have noticed, Champsite has been down several times due to ddos-attacks. Because of that, Kane and me have come to the conclusion that there's basically only one solution for this problem; the closure of Champsite. I'm really sick of the instant downtime and because I don't want to give our members false hope nor do I want to start all over again with our projects, I think it's better to close Champsite forever. By doing this the script kiddies (Revolt / Lithium) will get what they want and the other site on this server (Gather-Network), which is having over 40,000 users, will be left alone. 

    To be quite honoust we could have found ourselves a new server and this would have taken another few weeks but I really can't find the motivation anymore. The past months TS wasn't about a game anymore. Inactive TS players who didn't really care about TS, found it necessary to spread hate messages pointed at me personally, towards Champsite and towards XWIS. It became pretty clear to me that the 'war' between Champsite and the XWIS TS players on one side and Cncgamer and Revolt on the other side, was more entertaining to them rather than playing TS was. 

    Perhaps one day, haters such as destroy3r, rob, mrrek, noorodin, revolt, silent, foreva1st, itsme, defi, sxar, goldnglow, exile4eva, bd123, xistentz, dan101, mjgwasp, t3z, baz, ra1nstorm, badownzu, tezzdoctr, gstery2k, unionism, logical, f1ref0x and insyder19 will realise that they've ruined the fun we had with supporting C&C's TS on Champsite. My message to them: Go find yourself a new victim soon, because you might get bored one day, not knowing what to talk about as hardly anyone of you doesn't even play TS anymore. 

    These people were "ok" with the situation that Champsite was getting flooded, after all these ppl wanted to get some sort of "revenge" on me. Whether they either had been banned from Champsite / XWIS, weren't given a certain staffposition, blocked from my msn or were caught for cheating, they all shared one objective: To talk as much bs and to spread as many lies about me, Champsite & XWIS as possible and to support a message board, being run by inactive TS players (cncgamer), instead. 

    I would like to thank the following people who have helped me a lot and who made Champsite the most known & successful TS website: Kanexxz, Dan3157, Atombombu, Roykeane1, Henky, Energy616, Dachziege, Patrick, Infadelty, Avancado, Paulhaber, Tezzism, Capnm0rgn, Toxatib, Badluck2u, Claruss78, Punker, Capnm0rgn, Cptpelega, Realjzm and Dizztime. 

    I would also like to thank our loyal members who have always supported us and last but not least I would like to thank Olaf and Doncarlo (XWIS) for their efforts for keeping C&C alive and for the support they've given me. 

    I wish all of you the best and I hope to keep in touch with you every now and then. 

    To end my statement with one final conclusion:
    The haters win, TS loses. 

    I'm done. 

    - stefor 
    25. 08. 2004

  2. Weapon X = mola?

    If ur seriously stefor, I played with Alex0019 nick in the game I mentioned.

    "Hater win, TS Loses" I tried to find the screenshot of that. But otherwise, you should know who I am.

    Im Nod1lol, S3xXxbomb :D

    U cheating fuck :D:D:D 


    Well seriously, someone called NME (Didn't remember his mainlog) told me he's stefor :D

    Who is he?

    And for the moment, I was online yesterday, but didn't have the time to figure out, how to play Tiberian sun on Parallels or 27" iMac Pro.

    Blackscreen if I allow tibsun to :D


  3. 7 hours ago, Avesta said:

    If there were more people available that could provide a competitive challenge nothing would make us happier. As it stands there are less than 10 active players capable of participating in a high level 2v2 game. 4 of whom are too ignorant and embarrassing to be seen in the same channel as.

    But id wager half my net worth that you won’t even be able to cover an infantry rush in a 2v2. All old schoolers are the same, especially the ones with a history of using cheats (90+%).. (I have no idea who you are so I’m not accusing you)

    Well, I don't know who you are.

    But I guess, everyone who was beating you were mapping ?  :D I got accused a lot for that.

    1 Time I bugged TL with my barracks,  ( 1on1 vs stefor ), he left the game with "omg" without sending one inf out to scout.

    The only one cheating as shit was mola -_- :D


    "Cover" an Inf rush in a 2v2.

    I bet I wouldn't even need anything less to kill you, with alting grenadeaeeers and inf to.

    But I guess in 1999 or 2000 you didn't even know what computers were -_-

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