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  1. Well if you aren't your daily browse the bottom of the forum index type person then you wouldn't know what today is. However, if you do check that area especially to see who is having their birthday then you would see the name Ixith. So I though at the beginning of February that I should fix all cliff errors and shore errors and a few other things in all of my maps and release them as a big map pack and release it on my B-day. I also thought I'd go ahead and give ya a little teaser of what has been done so far on one of my WIPs. You also get to see how I went from being really freakin' bad at mapping to my skill level today at it! (All happened in less than 2 years to! ) Included Released/Finished Maps![/u:138jgm2b] (sorry that this one doesn't look all that cleanly set up....it looks better at Tibweb..) 1)FS Necare (2-4).............................9)Alcedonia Terra (2)............17)Desolated River (2) 2)The Open and the Trapped (2)......10)Tiberium Delusion (2-6)....18)Cliffs of Asvetia (2) 3)Elemental Absolute (2-4)..............11)Tiberian Epicenter (2-3)....19)Leviasc River (2) 4)Vae Victis (2-3).............................12)Paradox Islands (2)..........20)Frozen Nightfall (2) 5)Benevale (2-4)..............................13)Mutation Triad (2-3)..........21)Trivial Lands (2-4) 6)Ionic Waters (2-3).......................14)Yukon Pass (2).................22)Yelcraz Island (2-3) 7)Deadly Crevice (2)........................15)Frozen Fate (2-4)..............23)Lake Istelv (2-4) 8)Monkey in the middle (2-3)...........16)Holixe River (2)................24)Tiberian Ring (2-4) Included Non-Released/Unfinished Map 25)Death of a City (2-4) [...WorkingTitle...] So thats all 25 maps that are contained in the following ZIP file. Now heres the large image of all the compiled minimaps! (Minimaps may have gotten resized and thus may not show the original size of the minimap and things may appear a little distorted. Also the way the thing was made is I took maps 1-5 and made them row 1. 6-10 is row 2 and so on.) And Finally....all of the maps in a ZIP. (They will eventually be in a Map Pack style like the Mega Map Pack. Credit for that will go to TB. The reason they are not currently like that is because I forgot to tell him to go ahead and Pack them as there were going to be 3 other maps however I decided to not include them yet and kinda didn't get that message to him.)
  2. Well this has been sitting around for quite some time...I'v debated if I should add a tib creature spawn point or not....but for now there isn't one. I may update soon and put it in if enough people want it in the map. Info: Name: Tiberian Ring Map Maker: Ixith Map Size: 82X98 Players: 2-4 Theatre: Temperate, Mutated RequiresFS=YES Info: This is a 4 player heavily mutated map. It's the most symmetrical map I have ever made. Players shall have plenty of build room and more than enough tiberium to fill their harvestors up 10X over. This is probably one of the closest unlimited money tourny type map you will ever play. It's also my 24th released map. So enjoy. Story: This land was infected by tiberium and was once a rich land. However, the Tiberium had put an end to this. It quickly spread throughout this land and held no delay in taking over. The small communtiy that was located at the bottom of the canyonous like pit was soon cripled by tiberium creatures which left no remnants of the city except the bridges. Then not long after the city area itself was turned into the center and most infected area. If you find any problems please let me know! I only have the minimap and the megamap for you...and things have been changed since the megamap to.... Credit for the megamap goes to TeamBlack again. Thanks a lot!
  3. To start off posting maps I shall post my first ever spotlight. Tiberian Epicenter. Well since i finally figured out the speech thing i was finally able to finish this map! tongue.gif so here it is Story: This area was right next to where the original meteor hit that had brought tiberium to Earth. And because of this site being right along the Tiber river and so near to the original impact it has mutated at an alarming rate. Now due to the heavy Ions around this area GDI can not evacuate the civillians in this area. However, due to this area being heavily mutated both factions have decided to try and conquer this land to control the tiberium enriched area. Map Info: Name: Tiberian Epicenter Map Maker: Ixith Map Size: 70X110 Players: 2-3 Theatre: Temperate Requires FS= YES Info:It is a heavily tiberium mutated map. Players will have plenty of room to build. Players are provided with a small tiberian field that will run dry pretty quick unless you go out into the mutated areas to harvest but beware as there are tiberium creatures and some mutants have set up an outpost or two. Also Tiberium is slightly worth more on this map. There are triggers for Meteors and spawning tib creatures so beware.The mutant outposts are gaurded i have also made some of the mutant things capturable! This map is also best played with hard AIs as they will attack you more often. This is my 11th finished map! enjoy it! [u:1lo1ez73]Download Here[/size:1lo1ez73][/u:1lo1ez73] (adding it as a dl link to Tibweb mainly because I'm not sure of the attachment stuff here yet so if anyone would verify that for me then I might upload it straight to here later on. )
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