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  1. But the most important is game-related knowledge.
  2. O_o :O O_o :O O_o :O oh my....I thought here is just a small sweet fan site but i was wrong. All old game pros gathered here.... I really really appreciate this good work and I can feel the same enthusiasm when I first time play the game. CNC1 font is already a part of this classic game,I am sure this project will be welcomed and supported by all CNC fans! BTW, the CNC1 font is also used in RA1 in tooltip and sidebar instrcution.I like the letter "k" prettey much.
  3. But u still spend time here I have exams at the end of this month, but now only got TD mod and font in my head..... Maybe i get to playing some DOTA to totally forget these kinda things.
  4. http://sg.redsys.ru/english.htm huh? I also find this: It seems Nyerguds you are everywhere XD http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=18065 N3t,who is it? This font is already released?ï¼
  5. Been years,I have not play in mutiplayers. I'd better get 1.06b pathch playing with computers. I still wana put commando into RA1 as soon as I know how to .
  6. Can you write a turtorial of this when convenient? Many MOD sites lack of this critical knowledge. Commando is really fasinating unit! I dont know why they didnt put this unit in RA1 as a hidden unit just like viscroid in TD.
  7. ...... This is exactly what I want to know. Summoning Nyerguds The High Tinker.
  8. cuteflower

    CNC cursors

    Last year I made these ANI file for self enjoyment and I still ues them in my computor. I find someone may need these cursor for their theme work , so i put them here. Feel free to use them. RUN VIRUS SCAN BEFORE OPEN BTW. cursors.rar
  9. I noticed this patch and wow its really pro work. Last year when I try to add CNC commando into hire1.mix I can not solve the palet issue. Can someone give a hint on how to solve palet issue when making such redalert small infantry patch?
  10. Really. This file fomat is strange.I can hardly find some software to open and edit FNT--I even tried fontlab but it wont support it either. I hope i can find TTF version which can be dirctly used in office or find a way to convert FNT into TTF (but it seems a quite professinal method). There is also liklihood that this/these font(s) is/are custom designed during the game development.If so, then I am sure the font is far more value than a simple file. Maybe its a good idea to ask game designer???
  11. Recently I have being annoyed by this thing. I want to know the name of the font used in C&C gold edition and Red Alert 1. I know its silly but I really really need help Thank you. NOTE:Not the logo. I want to know the font used in tooltip and side bar instruction. PS: I am quit surprised that there are still lot of people play CNC tiberium dawn and RA1.I am a "bone ash" CNC player and the first generation who played CNC (when i was 8 i think). I am trying my best to collect any stuff related to tiberium dawn and RA1 for I fear these two old game might die :O Thats why I want their font.
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