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  1. at the moment its a mixture of tiberian dawn and red alert sprites, with a few from RA2 and TS, I used a voxel editor to turn them into sprites like the Airship
  2. The airships are a near-enough replica of the Kirovs, except the need to reload. And Allies get Advanced Radar (basically the GPS). Axis still get the normal radar for gameplay balance. And making dogs walking bombs is easy enough, but its a little sadistic and dogs work fine as they are and Nyerguds, I was only asking, Im new to making Mixes.
  3. well ive already got airships and hovercraft, something which certainly wasnt used in the war, or as very limited uses at best. Plus of course, this is still the red alert engine, there is still a sense of fantasy about it, id call my mod semi-realistic in as much as the original red alert is, perhaps a bit more as im trying to do period accurate weapons etc. Besides, no ones ever attempted this in Red alert surprisingly! im quite shocked tbh that there isnt other mods trying to get proper WWII flavour going with RA. whiteshoes_N_gloves: Yeah I was going to give the allies the nuke, however it will just be the conventional nuke as Airstrike isnt available in Skirmish mode (which is primarily what Im doing this for, missions will come when I learn how to code them!), good thinking on the mobile bell, not a clue about what sprites to use though also does anyone know how to change the country names?
  4. Ive added a lot more since that screenshot, Axis now have armoured cars instead of bikes, static V2 missile defences, im also going to totally redo the tech tree and include the forward command post as Axis HQ, I still need to get convicing looking gestappo SS sprites, I was thinking a recoloured conscript from RA2 but the infantry are over twice the res of the original ones, and its a LOT of spritework, like, 500 odd sprites! Still need to figure out what to do with the Iron Curtain, change the chronosphere to the Bell wunderwaffen, and sort out the chronotank and MAD tank into something
  5. Also, i'd like to say, Ive got more than enough unit spaces to make many more units, ive tried to be very efficiant with this, ive not even had to use the Ants yet, if I do i'd like to have German bikes, but again, sprites are an issue! I could cannibalise the Nod Attack Cycle i guess... Allies are going to get French Resistance unis as well (utilising the civilians)
  6. Actaually, its a bit more complicated, Germans get both pillboxes unchanged, and the guard tower is the flame tower with changed spries and given the allied tag I'm thinking giving the Germans a double-barreled turret, the V2 idea is a good one, however I'm still using the normal V2s for the Axis (balancing gameplay issues, since the Allies now have 2 forms of artillery). At the moment im just concentrating on getting skirmish balanced, and then eventually work out how to make missions there are soo many missions that would work in this mod (Normandy, Battle of Britain, final push into Berlin, liberation of Concentration Camps, Germans ill fated push into Soviet Territory, occupied france etc etc) Barrage Balloons / Airships? Yes! I could use Airships! Nice one, now all I need to figure out is how to hack RA2 Kirovs into this game
  7. This mod aims to recreate World War 2 as if Westwood brought out a real WWII game, rather than their alternate history version, with the Allied and Axis powers, Its a long way off yet however Ive got most of the units and some of the buildings done, theres still a few issues however that I may not be able to solve such as the countrys, I'd like to replace Russia and Ukraine with Germany and Italy (and of course, change Germany to Russia as part of the allies, if you follow me). Currently I dont know how to change the text in the skirmish menus. the gameplay itself is balanced so far, but with a LOT more emphisis on air combat (Battle of Britain etc), both sides now get planes! Anyway, heres a discription of all the changes so far, i'll try upload screenshots and such but for now heres whats changed, note: any unit, infantry or building NOT mentioned means its unchanged from the original: Both Sides: Mine Layer: Will be changed into something else, not sure as of yet though. Radar Tower: Replaces Radar Dome with the TD Comm Center, I felt it looks more authentic than RA's Radar Dome. Helicopters: Since there where no helicopters in WWII (thats true! except a very late German prototype) I have no idea what to do with these, Im thinking German prototype craft such as their flying saucer experiments and proto helicopter experiments, but sprites are going to be an issue! Allies: Units: M3 Half Track: APC, uses Radar Jammer sprite minus the radar, but with new rear hatch animations. New cameo. Chaffee Tank: Light tank, unchanged from the original except new cameo and name. Sherman Tank: Medium Tank, New turret, cameo and cannon sounds. Katyusha Rocket Launcher: Brand new unit! The Russian Katyusha is a devastating but fragile early MLRS system, and the first of its kind, mounted on a truck it can deliever salvos of rockets at a long range, to support other Allied Artillery. Aircraft: Spitfire: Air superiority fighter, the legendary Spitfire comes to the RA universe, its faster and more equiped than the Messerschmitt fighter of the Germans, but comes at a costlier price, armed with duel Browning Machine Guns. Ships: Destroyer: The same as original but with a turret and cannons rather than a missile launcher. Buildings: Guard Tower: The Allies anti-Infantry base defence. Uses TD's Guard Tower and cameo. Airstrip: Needed to build Spitfires. Advanced Radar Tower: Using high altitude spyplanes the Allies can see the whole map from the skys. (replaces Advance Tech Centre and uses the Advanced Comm Center from TD, going to change the GPS to instantanious if I can). Notes for Allies: No idea what to do about the chronosphere, gap gen, mobile gap gen or chronotank, how would they fit into a realistic WWII scenario? Suggestions? The only thing I can think of for the Chronosphere is the German "Bell" Wunderwaffen experiment, which apparantly could teleport, again, sprites are an issue. Axis: Infantry: SS: replaces Tesla Trooper, this isnt done yet, but id like to make them an equivilant trooper but with machine guns instead of the tesla packs. Sniper: Elite infantry that can blend in with their environment, they wont be noticed by the enemy until they fire and can deliever devastating rounds to infantry types. Silent and deadly. Uses Stavros sprites, Tanya isnt avaliable to the Axis. Units: Sd.Kfz. 251 Halftrack: APC utilising an armoured turret with a 75mm cannon, good for transporting troops and fending off against armour. Replaces the Phase Transport and uses the Tesla Tank body with a new turret, and rear hatch animations. Panzer Tank: Medium tank, fires higher caliber rounds than the Sherman, but at a slower rate of fire, replaces Heavy Tank. Tiger tank: Heavy Tank, this slow moving behemoth fires 120mm rounds but at a slow rate, and has a mounted machine gun to take care of Infantry. Replaces mammoth Tank. Flame Tank: the Lanciafiamme modello 35 is an Italian design, mounting a flamethrower into its lightweight chassis, this tank is good for quick assaults on troops and structures. Aircraft: Messerschmitt: Fighter Plane, cheaper and more armoured than the Allies Spitfire, it can more than hold its own. Structures: Pillbox and Camo Pillbox: The Axis get the Pillboxes, as demonstrated on the Normandy landings to chilling effect. Axis notes: The Tesla Coil and Samsites are my main concern, the Axis need an anti-armour defense structure since the Allies get the Turret however Im stumped as to what to do with it, same with the Samsite, I dont just want to give both sides AA guns. Iron Curtain, absolutely no idea what to to with this one! I want to incorporate the Forward Command post as a regular structure as well. Maybe replace the Soviet Tech Center? Footnotes: I'd like to obviously change all the soviet iconography to maybe the Swastika (or at least something instantly identifyable as "Axis Powers"), although it may be a little offensive, I may need a little help with the radar screen though. plus I'm going to change the Soviet sounds to the German language pack from TD. I hope this turns out well, screenshots to follow.
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