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  1. I downloaded the fix and made all the files ownership to me, but its still the same
  2. I have the game running in XP/sp2 mode with full administrator access, same white ground. And if you mean if I own the game? Yes. I bought the game back when it came out. I have the latest Video drivers from Nvidea's website as well. oh, I also forgot to mention that my copy of Win7 is 64bit. If that makes any difference?
  3. Ok, so I uninstalled the mod, and both games, deleted all the folders where they was installed in and everything. So I reinstalled generals and fired it up, and its showing the same white ground textures Could it be my disks are bad and things are not being copied over right?
  4. I have them set on High. But another thing is I tryed playing regular Generals and im getting the same white ground on all the maps, it sucks
  5. Hey, great mod! Brings back that old feel. Anyways, could someone tell me whats going on here and how to fix it, because its really killing my eyes. And if it helps, my system spec are: CPU: Core i7 OS: Window7 Video: Geforce 7800:GTX RAM: 6GB HDD: 300GB Soundcard: Xonar DX Hope someone can help, and thanks again for such a wonderful mod.
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