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  1. Ah yeah, I can see how that could have happened. Sorry about the poor choice in wording
  2. AH ok, thanks, that solved the issue and now it runs properly >.< I remember hearing about this for C&C but google couldn't help me out with RA >.<. So basically what I did (for others in the same situation) was just deleted the RA95.LCF and renamed the _RA95.LCF to RA95.LCF in the .../westwood/ra folder Thanks for that Nyerguds mucho <3
  3. That's what I meant at the start of my post when I said "I recently wanted to get back into RA and found the 3.03 full RA+ patch thing (which sounded good)". It installs it all, then when I go to run RA95 it attempts to install Westwood Online (their internet service thing like Battlenet) and if I say no I get an error saying "failed to install" and the game doesn't run. If I hit YES, then it says "unexpected registry error" > "failed to install Westwood online" and the game doesn't run. Tried different install options, tried compatibility modes etc... But nothing seems to work. Do you have a version you use that works with windows 7? I don't specifically need the fullRA+ 3.03 one, I just wanted to play the game and it said it made the game playable on vista (old games that solve the vista issue often work on Win 7 too)
  4. Thanks for the swift response, I understand
  5. Hey I recently wanted to get back into RA and found the 3.03 full RA+ patch thing (which sounded good) however after attempting to install Westwood Internet, the game tells me there are unexpected registry problems and it won't let me do anything after that. Anyone know how to get this gem of a game to work properly on Win 7?
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