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  1. Congratulations to him. I hope we can see him coming back soon. BTW, no matter if there is other TD mod, I think this mod can still be ported to C&C3 as Redux is very good enough, and we look forward to see the new progress for the updates on better mods.
  2. It's still the same questions asked couple times before. I ask again because someone said another TD mod for C&C3 is dead. Well, C&C4 isn't a suitable game for this mod imo, and we don't think there will be C&C5. So C&C3 is the best SAGA engine based game for porting. So is it time to port this mod to Command & Conquer 3? :mammoth:
  3. Yes, the link is in Japanese. I can read some of what they say in Kanji as I'm Chinese. The contents of the site are all about Japanese custom, revenue, tax refund, etc.
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