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  1. Great MOD. Love the aircraft; I like how you've included the jets in the cut-screens, ie, the F-22 and the Scimitar (Is that the real name Westwood gave the fictional aircraft? Def not the YF-23 that CNC wiki ID's it as) Some suggestions/ideas: 1. Since you have the F-22 and the Scimitar from the cut-screens, maybe the F-18c that NOD shoots down? 2. Defensive upgrades for the aircraft: chaff, flares, towed decoys, Directional Infrared Counter Measures, etc. 3. Orca, Apache, Commanche, A-10, F-22 (aircraft with guns)- Since the gun ammo isn't displayed, it's hard to know if they are able to destroy the target before they go dry; ie, I am unable to weigh the risk of getting shot down for destroying the target. More then a few times I have been had the target within 10% of its HP, but run out of ammo and resulted in extra losses which wouldn't have occurred if I had just bugged out sooner. Maybe a extra box-green for full, yellow-1/2, red-empty to tell gun ammo? 4. Probably stated by somebody else on bug report, but the friendly AI likes to land its aircraft at your pads, taking up your space. 5. Maybe it's intentional, but the NOD Stealth Bomber has horrible accuracy at times. After it drops its 1st two bombs, generally it's 3rd and 4rd are way of target. 6. I've lost a lot of aircraft as they circle back around reengage an old target or engage a new one. Because of this after they release their first attack, I hit S, have them fly back a bit, and then re-attack. It's annoying and inefficient. The aircraft should release all of their weapons on target the first time. For the A-10, it should make its attack pass, circle back out of danger, and then reattack. I LOVE the sound it makes, but I have too many shot down due to its lazy turns over enemy SAMs. 7. Aircraft that can shoot down other aircraft should engage any airborne threat as priority on their way to their target. The GDI AI is very good at getting Orcas in your flight path or shooting down your aircraft as they guard an area, which were stupidly engaging infantry instead of the aircraft. As I said, great MOD, I love using air-support/strikes to pound NOD into submission, just like GDI would. Nothing is better then 8 A-10's circling the map looking for NOD scum to destroy
  2. I got skirmish to work! I find if I assign the enemy AI to team 4, it works
  3. Thanks for the reply, saves me from playing countless skirmish games in the vain hope of having a game last longer then 10 secs Though I must say, that is one painful bug, that skirmish button just teases me since I always wanted to play skirmish on the orginal TD. I guess my hopes are dashed for awhile, any expected ETA for the next version? Thx
  4. Every skirmish game I play the enemy AI and friendly AI give up in about 10 seconds. Anybody else have this problem? Thanks Great MOD BTW
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