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  1. You know what is sad about this, is that I've lost the source code and I wanted to pick it back up again
  2. okay.. any idea where this should be? I don't keep up with the scene... If there even is one
  3. I started work on a private server a few years ago and never finished it... I got hung up parsing the data from the clients however joining a channel and chatting was possible. The project is called: SunServ and I obtained a lot of information from Sys. He asked me for the code at one point and I didn't want to release it however I'm making it available for what its worth with the intention of continuing it by myself one day because I do this for fun, however if someone else decides to make a fork of this code I request that the original name and credits are kept. I have a few rar files that may be duplicate code however I don't have the time to look through it. So if Sys can be contacted and have him get in contact me I will allow him to distribute it on my behalf if he chooses. The code does everything just short of actually starting a game.. Getting the parsing finished is the only thing that really needs to be done. I noticed TS for free download at fileplanet and I decided this would be a good time I also made a private server called PhanServ for Phantasy Star Online that was much more complicated that I was actually proud of, this is just a functioning skeleton poorly written however its in CPP. It compiles and executes and opens a couple ports but I think I have a large portion of the functioning server commented out because I was going to redesign the data parser. Sys, where you at man? Long time no talk.
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