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  1. Nyerguds : I tried updating direct X, but it didn't change anything. Pichorra: Hm, is there supposed to be a section called [Resolution] in Sun.ini? I cant find it. Should I write it in there? Here's what it says in my file: [intro] PlaySide01=no PlaySide00=no [MultiPlayer] PhoneIndex=-1 Color=0 Side=GDI Handle=NONAME PreferredServer=XWIS Locale=2 StoreNick=yes LastNickSlot=-1 [Options] GameSpeed=0 Difficulty=1 ScrollMethod=0 ScrollRate=3 AutoScroll=yes DetailLevel=2 SidebarCameoText=yes UnitActionLines=yes ToolTips=yes [Video] ScreenWidth=800 ScreenHeight=600 StretchMovies=no [Audio] SoundVolume=0.700000 VoiceVolume=1.000000 ScoreVolume=0.500000 IsScoreRepeat=no IsScoreShuffle=no SoundLatency=9 [Network] Socket=65535 NetCard=0 [serialDefaults] CallWaitStringIndex=3 InitStringIndex=-1 DialMethod=T Baud=-1 IRQ=-1 Port=0h Compression=0 ErrorCorrection=0
  2. Uhh, obviously. The game switches to its own game resolution. That's all that happens. I think the problem here, since the mess-up only appears after you click away the message, is just that program that interferes. But the problem is there every time I start the game, even though there are no pop messages interfering. It only needs to happen once, and then the game seems to be broken for ever. By the way, I only saw Bengollys post after I had posted mine, but this is the same problem as he had ("gray menu bar in Tiberian Sun"). Considering that the problem disappears when one resets Windows, I imagine one might be able to find a solution by making a complete uninstallation, erasing all traces of the game, and then reinstalling it. My question is how one does that. It seems like it would be a better solution than to reset the whole computer...
  3. Hello, I have a problem I'm hoping someone can help me with. I downloaded Tiberian Sun + Firestorm from here some days ago. The installation went smoothly and i got the game up and running with no problems on my Windows 7. However, yesterday when I started the game, I encountered a problem. While I was just starting up the game and was at the menus option (where on chooses between starting a new game, load, settings, play on the internet and so on) there was a message from a program monitoring the graphics settings on my computer that popped up on top of the Tiberian Sun screen. I can't remember the exact message, but it said something about the current screen resolution not being optimally configured. Since i had played the game earlier and it worked perfectly (having to change no graphic settings), I simply clicked OK and the message went away. However, after I did that, the options menu has been all weird and not working correctly. Everything works fine until you click one of the options on the menu. The box that is supposed to unfold showing your further options appears as nothing more than a thin line in the middle of the screen (for example, if you choose to load a mission there will appear a box showing saved missions. That box, no matter what option you choose, never appears as more than a thin line). I have noticed that it is possible to click different options from the box, even though i can't see them on the screen. It is the same when i try to load a saved game or whatever when I am currently playing a mission as well. The box never appears as more than a thin line in the center of the screen. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. It did not solve the problem. So then I figured that the problem must lie deeper than just that, probably in some kind of setting or something that had been permanently changed on my computer. Therefore I uninstalled the game and restored my Windows 7 to an earlier point, making my settings the same as when I installed the game the first time. I then installed the game once again and - voila! It worked like a charm! No more buggy graphics! This time I thought I had deactivated all pop up messages coming from my graphic program. I was wrong. Playing the game today, the same thing happened again and the selection box is all fucked up again in the same way. This time I want to go to the bottom of this. Obviously there is some kind of graphic setting or something like it being altered when this happens. It does not matter if I uninstall and the reinstall the game. The problem persists. So, I'm guessing that there is some kind of graphics settting being stored in the registry of my computer or something like it that makes the problem stay, even though one makes a clean installation. Theres obviolusly some kind of trace being left behind after uninstalling the game. Now, I'm wondering, is there some way that I can erase the game completely from my computer and make a fresh installation of it, with no previous settings/bugs being left to mess up my clean installation? Because I can't keep restoring my Windows every time this happens.
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