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  1. I am being asked for a Directory for DX9 to go into? is System32 not correct?
  2. Downloaded Direct X9 and installed it in C/Windows/System 32 Played first level of GDI and then a skirmish game, gameplay seemed far more stable than before. However left my skirmish game to try Firestorm and now it crashes like before..
  3. Just did that and still crashed to desktop with "Game.exe has stopped working." I'm running Game.exe in 98/ME compat, aswell as an Administrator - Still to no avail, I crash ingame randomy. ddraw.dll simply turns my screen black, I can still hear the game playing (Menu that is) but cant see it. I have just updated to my latest video drivers, and my Direct X was already at DX11. Any further suggestions?
  4. Unfortunately I'm only getting a black screen now. I can hear the game sounds still. Just no display.
  5. Unfortunatly I am running on Windows 7 where I cannot disable/enable DirectDraw. Any other suggestions?
  6. Hello all, While playing Tiberium Sun (Which I downloaded from you Gentlemen) I will crash during the game, this can vary from "Sun has encountered a problem and needs to close" or "Tiberium Sun is no longer responding" as you can imagine, this is a very annoying problem. I had orginally downloaded TS from the CnC Classics website as freeware but encountered the same issue, I deleted the registry and then installed your .exe file. Proberly worth mentioning that I was patched up to the latest on the CnC Freeware copy aswell as a community patch which apperently claims at fixing it. My specs are: Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit Processor (Dual Core) 2.13GHz 2GB RAM ATI Raedon 5700 Series 2GB Video Memory. I've been looking for a simple answer to this issue for a while now, however through looking at other sites I've been told to (very unhelpfully) reinstall windows to 2000/ME if I want to play Tiberium Sun without any issues. Obviously not a realistic solution. How commen a problem is this? I cant imagine it would be anything to do with my registry as I was encountering this problem from the first install. Oh, and I'm running in compatibly mode for W98/W ME And also running as an administrator. Any and all help is appreciated, just wanting to get back into playing TS. I'm not even concerend with online I'd just want Single player working for more than 5 - 10 minutes! Thanks in advance guys.
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