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  1. hmm, some ideas to fix this "problem" with Hyper? lol maybe poke with a stick? xD
  2. okay, nice to hear well, i could only hope for the right numbers of hard disk space, right? :/
  3. so, the core-problem is windows itself? Any suitable fix for the problem anyway? Sorry guys, i can´t really keep up with discussions about this, but i try my best ^^
  4. ok, i think i get it now make sense to me. Unfortunately i don´t have any "training" or deeper knowlegde about this stuff. My strategy is more like try - test - retry, or, if none of those works, try google i could try and testing around withing the exe file, but i rather ask you guys, the "professionals"
  5. okay, and is this safe to do this? and how?
  6. Okay, this is kinda embarrassing. THIS was really a misunderstanding-.- sorry. read - think - post... Is there any permanently fix for the error-message, if it appear again, beside add or delete more trash on my PC? And is it pure luck, that i can currently save my game, because the right number of free disk space?
  7. well, nevermind. The error-message doesn´t show up anymore and i can play on fullscreen without any problems. Saving the game on campain works too. looks like my problems solved itself once more I think that all problems are solved thanks to you (and the game itself to solve them self o.o) Maybe you could rename all postings topics to "C&C RA+ poor Performance [sOLVED]" because it would be more clearly, that i talk about red alert 1 and not C&C1. Also is always good to read, that some problems are finally solved
  8. eeh, does that mean, the game thinks my CD is full (which is in fact another game-CD currently in my device) and maybe pretent me from saving the game? this would be bad news. i want to remind, that this "error" happens, because i set windowed mode to false earlier to toggle fullscreen again. When i switched back to "true" the error-message still pops up on start up. This message will show up everytime until i delete the ddraw-file and install it again. i tested it earlier. however, this would result in windowed mode again. well, either error-message or windowed mode? Or maybe i misread something here? btw, thanks for all that help anyway
  9. then i have the official current version of the ddraw below on that page, "Latest development snapshot" Ok, i tested the windowed mode by setting it to false and it worked now somehow. Yesterday i start the game and it stuck on a quarter of the screen with black surrounding. i could hear the game sound but couldn´t see the game, just my open windows below. Now on game start, i get an error message each time i start the game: "Warning - you are critically low on free disk space for saving games. Do you want to play red alert anyway?" when i click ok, the game work fine. i hope this isn´t normal. it would be a little bit annoying to always check that dialog on start up.
  10. @ Maikel What option can i set to do this? already tried set windowed mode to false, but that was unplayable. i guess you guys can help there before i crash the file @ Nyerguds about the ddraw-file. i loaded the ddraw from pichorra´s link. so, it is from the ddraw side, i quess. why you asking?
  11. ok, i leave the reg-file in the folder. the ddraw works with it too. yeah, i think all the problems with performance, scrolling and weird colors are solved. thanks a lot ah, btw. is there any option to turn the game window back to full size after install the ddraw file?
  12. so, i can simply delete the reg-file and the settings in the registry are set back to normal? i don´t want unnecessary files or settings on my pc.
  13. okay, the problem with LAN-Play is solved (somehow). i couldn´t see the other players, but could join their game. now i can see everyone like normal, don´t know why, but its okay only one question left to answer...
  14. ah, the first tree people i expecting to answer me quickly i choose method 2 from godly-cheese to disable back buffer in video memory (however, this was not a ranking, but a random choice i tested it in a quick play in skirmish mode and the game speed is finally set to normal (full) speed. Problem solved. Unfortunaly my game crashed after 5 minutes (and 666 credits left oO... spooky) and freezes my computer maybe i should try the suggestion from pichorra to use the ddraw file to fix this. i already use the solution to fix the weird colors in windows 7 from pichorra with the reg-file. can i still use the ddraw-file, because the file try to fix it too? i had another, little problem with LAN-Play. Can i post it right in here or make a new topic? ah, and thanks for the quick reply and help
  15. Hi everyone, when i played skirmish mode against my friend or 2-3 AI enemys, my game went freaking slow after some time the game starts. The game speed is set to maximum, but every unit or building constrution move on like half of the speed or slow motion. Temporarly i fixed this issue for a short time, when i press the windows-button to bring up my desktop. After i switched back after a few seconds, the game runs in normal (full) speed, but shortly after, it slows down once more until i press W-Button again. I am using Windows 7 64 bit and have only skype and, for LAN-Play Hamachi running while playing. Any way to fix this? Its realy annoying :/
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