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  1. Thank you very much I am a happy gamer. If you need any assistance with the tutorial I would love to help. I am always willing to help out increasing the linux gaming experience
  2. Did everything you said but it still wont run windowed (I even changed windowed in the initializing file back to true) and changes the resolution to 640xwtvr still, thus forcing me tologin/logout still. What do you think the reason is that it will work with the un-patched version but 3.03 is funky? C&C95 1.06c runs fine in a window without any alterations. othr things: If I fail a mission (how emabarrisng) or abort it hangs the game. The sound cuts out in mission 3 (allies) also. How can I get in touch with Nyerguds to report this, or is it even worthy? thx much for your help, I'll fiddle some more and post here if I get it to work.
  3. Running Ubuntu 10.04.3 on AMD64dual This is all awesome by the way, so thank you greatly XD using Wine if it is the straight install (of RA95) with no patches/updates and I do the ddraw thing, then it runs windowed perfectly as stated on the cnc-ddraw website. When I add the 3.03 patch it does not show windowed anymore. Is this a bug? I guess I like it with the bigger screen anyway, however it stalls sometimes (more often) like this and when that happens, due to it not being windowed, I have to jump to another window at that super low resolution and logout/login to revert the screen res (if i just kill the process like that then ubuntu is stuck at same. That is one reason I like the windowed mode i.e. if it crashes, I can kill it without effecting whole desktop GUI). Any help would be appreciated. Tried it a number of variations with virtual emulation on/off, window decoractions on/off, different resolutions, etc. And thx again to Nyergud and everyone else. Fuggin' awesome.
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