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  1. After days of trying to get around the dreaded windows 7 issue i have finally managed to sort it out so i can play a game online playing T.S , 6 Years ago was when i last played and back then i like to consider myself a good player.Now it seems i have resorted to being a noob player and need to play some games to get back upto par,sounds simple you may think???? Seems most players are children that play t.s now or at least act that way every game i get abuse griefed etc etc because i dont play the way they do or they way they deem is right,i now get kicked from games because i am not experienced enough or a noob as they like to call it , how am i supposed to learn if im kicked from games? its a shame as this game was never that bad back in the day when i last played, I know things have changed a lot since days of westwood servers but things were never this bad.i am 30 years old maybe im too old now to be playing this ? whats your opinion of t.s now vs the game 6 years ago is it changed for better or worse you think ? the clan i was in is dead although the websites still active lol if anyone has time to teach me or even let me join there clan message me Rant over im off to get banned from some more game channels
  2. Have just downloaded the patch but still the same problem . i have tryed ruinng it in compatabilty mode windows 98/Me But again i still get the same issue any other advice?
  3. Hi all this is my first post here and i hope someone can help,I used to be a avid player of T.S and was hoping to get backonline and play a few online games ,I purchased a copy of T.S on ebay (i now know its free grrrrr) and hurried to install it on my Windows 7 home edition 64bit Laptop,Since Instalation its been nothing but a pain,The game starts up ok but as soon as i click onto any button to get started the game moves onto teh next screen but leaves me lines in the middle of the screen as if two pages have overlapped?,Anyway i have searched online for hours and found many sites and ideas to get around this but none seem to work for me, I have ran as admin running as windows sp2 in compatabillty mode, tryed changed screen ress etc etc The game will work online buts very weird and unresponsive i have to keep pressing windows butten to goback and then click the program again to move foward, I can chat in the loy but as soon as i click enter it freezes up again, i have asked the same question on the xwis site, but hoping you guys can help too I cant use windows xp mode as i only have windows 7 home edition so i cant download that either . I have windows virtual pc but finding that hard to use i know this game works on windows 7 as ive had reports from peopel claiming to use it, Please Please Help
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