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  1. robskate

    Regarding Commander

    I'm sure many of you in the RA community are aware of some recent videos posted by Commander on Youtube that are accusing me of wrongdoing regarding CNCnet and the Red Alert Ladder. While I usually wouldn't respond to something like this, I feel in this case it is necessary. The accusations made by Commander are completely false, and I haven't been able to properly defend myself because he has removed my comments under his videos. My removed response to his first Youtube video is below: I see above you tried to sugar coat this video post about me by calling me a great player, but being an honest player is far more important to me. What you are alleging is that the ladder is crooked, or that I or other admins change the outcomes of games to protect my points, which is completely false. Since you wanted to talk in facts, let's talk about facts for a second. You're playing with more than 5 ladder names this month: FACT. You have over 20 DC games this month, and players have asked me to remove the player named STINK (you) and TAKAJA (also you) for disconnecting games vs them over and over: FACT. Why is that happening, you didn't seem to respond in your post above because you know this is true, and of course you don't have anything to say. I also know you mentioned that you are purposely trying to glitch the ladder. So I'll ask my opponents on ladder over the past year or so to post after me here; players who I have played dozens/hundreds of games against. Players like Ford, RC, Diga, Butch, Faust, Katsh, Yuz, McLovin, Croboys, Lordy, Maddux, Stacks, and anyone else I have played. Have I ever removed a win, or removed a DC game you felt you won, or done ANYTHING that you felt was unfair or dishonest on the ladder? In ANY month over the past 15 months, has this happened to any player even once? If so please comment below, if not please also comment below. See Commander you are the problem here. I have never done anything dishonest on the ladder, and I can assure you I don't need to remove games to preserve my points. The italics above were simply responses to Commander's first video. Now there is another video posted accusing me of being a corrupted admin and for banning people without reason. I have been a CNCnet admin for several years now and during that time I have banned less than 10 people, and of course I would not ban someone without reason. Just to be clear, Commander is not banned because of insulting me, blaspheming my name, or falsely accusing me of cheating on Youtube. He is banned for his ridiculous amounts of disconnected games on the ladder, which can in no way be a coincidence. I have received too many PM's from trusted players about disconnections from Commander's many nicknames for it to go ignored. Finally, I would close this post by asking for any player who has had a positive or negative experience with me on the ladder, or a positive or negative experience with me as an Admin on CNCNet to please leave feedback on this post. -Robskate