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  1. hey guy where can i download this map? ---> HJK6 CnC1 Edition by N3tRunn3r - map number scm69ea
  2. oh yeah! it works! thx man!!!!! :-)
  3. ...and back buffer is enabled
  4. i got the same problem with scrolling in ra. the cnc-ddraw think dont works and the "Activate backbuffer in video memory in RASETUP/CCSETUP" do also not work. the "fast as hell scrolls" is still there.
  5. i already downloaded the cnc-ddraw and the maxfps is on zero. scrolling problem is still there
  6. hey guys! i realy need your help. how can i slow dowen the scrolls speed in ra? i already have the scrollspeed slider in the game-options on slow but its still faster as before.
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