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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and I am having problems trying to install Tiberian Dawn Redux on my machine. My hardware specs are way above suggested requirements. I recently found this mod ( :down: You found this mod in 2011?!?!? SHAME ON YOU, you guys must think that; YES PLEASE FORGIVE ME haha) And I suddenly felt all the nostalgia of when I played TD back in the days when I was a kid. I am currently running Windows 7 Pro x64 bit and TDR is not working. O_o Here are the steps that I followed to try and make this game work. 1st: I installed c&c Generals (did not update) 2nd: Installed C&C Zero Hour (No updates either) 3rd: Installed TDR mod (in my Zero Hour folder) 4th: Tried to use the launcher but the problem starts here, it says: Cannot find the specified files. (Pressed 1 to launch TDR, pressed 1 again and "ENTER", after that it displays the message earlier in this sentence.) I have scoured arround the forum to try and find a solution, I saw somebody mentioning renaming certain files to .big (they were .big already so I couldnt do that) But I also found that there was an Improved launcher, So I installed that as well + letting the program run under Windows XP SP2 Compatibility. Running it as admin does not work since it terminates the CMD window right after starting it. However the problem is not fixed. I get a new option to run it in either Windowed or full screen. So I humored the PC and let it run in Windowed mode (also tried option 2), But then it just tries to start Zero Hour once again. O_o O_o O_o O_o Does anybody have any clue what this blasphemer is doing wrong and could somebody graciously help my desire to play this mod? I thank you in advance, Best wishes, A troubled C&C TD fan **UPDATE** Hello all, after some troubleshooting I decided to try and throw in the 1.4 beta files from TDR. Somehow I have managed to get the launching screen for TDR working, but whenever it tries to continue I get this bizarre message saying: Technical difficulties: You have encountered a serious error (no **** lol) Serious errors can be caused by blabla viruses, blabla overheated hardware, or blabla not the required system specs. This error is kind of a bs error, considering my hardware is fine, comp is clean and my pc can run this game like 10 times simultaneously on high graphics >.>
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