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  1. Hi I am working making a custom single player level in Tiberian Sun and I am struggling to get one of my AI Houses to create teams using existing units to attack the player with. I have looked at levels created by Westwood to get a idea of how to do it yet no luck. I have attachment my map if anyone wants to take a look at it. nodmission1.map
  2. I get play the final GDI Mission in Firestorm it keeps crashing with the Internal error pop up during the loading of the load up page. except.txt for those who think it will be helpul. Thanks for the assistance.
  3. Yeah I think that is what it was when I put in the owner of the Teamtype it worked. Sorry Nyerguds the game was C&C 95.
  4. Is there any way you could have a look at it for us if you have time please? Thanks. EDIT: Nevermind, I've solved the problem it works now. Thanks for your assistance.
  5. An Old mission I made keeps giving me a application error. I don't know why I've tried deleting all triggers and team types and starting from scratch, but it still does it? Anybody have a clue what the problem is all my other missions I've made work fine so far just this one doesn't.
  6. I keep getting this infuriating error when placing certain objects. Anyone else ever encountered this?
  7. I can't seem to save my scenario, its been driving me nuts. EDIT: Nevermind I think I have solved it.
  8. Thanks, I will check that out!
  9. Hi I was wondering how do you trigger a computer a GDI AI player to drop napalm on a human nod player on Tiberium Dawn? Thanks.
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