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  1. You try to register on that site and contact The DVD in that case, delete my post and all happy man, I try a lot of times to register on that site, but the confirmation code still avoid me register, I don't know why... and tell me, how I could contact The DVD if I can't register in that site? can you help me? I agree of ask him about redistribute the mod...but if you can read, I still stuck in the register, and I can't ask him about this theme... and sorry man about the 2nd post...I forgot the rules ...nobody's perfect.
  2. Somebody knows and play Tiberian Sun Total War Mod (tstw)?....Let´s play if you do. game speed 3, not more... (it's more realistic I think) 4 bands: GDI, NOD, Cabal, Mutants (incomplete band, but playable) the mod was created by The DVD, but it's not finished and will not be I think...anyways, try to contact to The DVD for the hopely full release of his mod. Answer me without fear XD...see ya..
  3. Honestly...THE DVD stop modify this MOD...2 years before ...I try to register to his forum, but I failed....and I wanted to ask him if the MOD was going to continue it and finish it...but I couldn't.... anyways...if THE DVD were to read this message, I'm not edited at any time his MOD...just I download the mod, and searching players to follow the mod, that's it all....and ALWAYS I will say THE DVD is the creator, not me Check the date of THE DVD answer of TSTW status..: http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6978&sid=e13003bd6f9c83e1b3d2840603934416 Honestly, I wish than TSTW could be totally finish it by THE DVD... :roll: anyways...can you help me to try contact him to ask about the redistribute?..because I'm not have in mind do something bad...less with my poor english...I used google traduction XD lol
  4. Hi there.. I'm new here, and I'm Tiberian Sun Fan too...and so, I'm bring this MOD...(THE DVD is the creator but away)... the MOD is incomplete BUT, playable for single and multiplayer games. Here´s the Link to Download the MOD, the 2.03 Update, and a little description of the MOD (in spanish but away, because I'm Chilean XD) Hola a todos... Soy nuevo aquí, fan del Tiberian Sun también...y por eso, les traigo este MOD (que por cierto, THE DVD es el creador original) el MOD está incompleto PERO, jugable tanto para simple y multijugador. Acá está el link para descargar el MOD, la Update 2.03 del TS, y una pequeña descripción acerca del MOD (como evitar crasheos por ej.) https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=b2f06db707dd0a08#cid=B2F06DB707DD0A08&id=B2F06DB707DD0A08!588 I pllay this MOD with my brother for years, and now, we can play on net thanks to this cncnet solution jeje. He jugado este MOD con mi hermano durante años, y ahora, podemos jugar en línea gracias a la solución de cncnet jeje. I hope like it and then, play together...questions?, don't think twice, post me a reply without afraid.. espero que les guste, y así, jugar juntos...dudas?, no lo pienses dos veces, respóndeme sin miedo
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