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  1. Yeah, by "original CDs" I mean the Counterstrike/Aftermath CDs. If I choose the new missions without the proper CDs, it prompts me to insert the proper CD. The missions still don't show up, though (except for that one Aftermath mission). I would post a screenshot, but I can't seem to use the print screen key while playing RA... how odd. This is the version I'm using, by the way. I dunno if it makes a difference considering I tried the ISOs, but it's basically a (very old) 4 disc compilation of RA and its expansions. To clarify, the window where the mission listing should be shows up, there's just no missions listed. If I click "Ok" without highlighting anything, the game crashes.
  2. Hi guys. I seem to have a problem with getting the Counterstrike/Aftermath missions to work. I checked a bunch of topics, but no one seemed to have the same issue as me. I recently reinstalled the game using this, which worked perfectly for me; I played through both the Allied and Soviet campaigns without any problems. However, no matter what I do, the Counterstrike and Aftermath missions just don't show up. Well, except for one, which is the "situation critical" mission, which works perfectly fine. I'm fairly sure I checked the Counterstrike/Aftermath box when installing the game, and I am using the original CDs. I even tried downloading the ISOs and using those instead, but the mission lists are still empty. I don't know if it makes a difference, but I seem to remember when I played this game way back then, the new counterstrike/aftermath missions were grouped together in the same tab. Any ideas what the problem could be? Any help is appreciated; thanks in advance.
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