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  1. Some time ago, I have read something interesting about first Red Alert. Article stated that this game initially was intended to be another add-on to C&C1 (Tiberian Dawn) or C&C0, intended to explain some outlandish technologies appeared in Tib Dawn. Later Westwood dropped this approach and they did huge project, who was an starter for whole Tiberian Universe. Have someone ever met such information ? Are there any alpha/beta stuff, articles, interviews or sketches for original concept for Red Alert game ?
  2. Well I did it for last allied mission but I changed player to be USSR - cause soviets in this mission have silo build - and it didnt show icon of charging missle, I did it for allies in Counterstrike mission Siberian Conflict 3 - Wasteland - I got silo, I got missle charging, missle launch but no rocket with payload falling down to target :/ I suppose that when AI uses nuke in last allies mission - (I happened to crush soviets and then loose my base due to their nuclear lauch) is just triggered ... Well, still, is any possibility to fix that stuff ? I remember playing PSX version of Red Alert and instant nuke cheat in singleplayer gives you powerful warhead like in Tiberian Dawn.
  3. Hi everyone my name is Jack and I've just joined forums, I enjoy this site and I would like to thank ppl responsible for setting up this site for making great place for hardcore oldschool gamers and classic C&C fans like me Thats for my first words, now my problem with Red Alert : So I have a problem with atom bomb superweapon in Red Alert 1, the problem is : I wanted to put usable superweapon Atomic Bomb into singleplayer scenario, because I've wanted to have some fun with nuke in campaign, not only weak nuke from skirmish/multi . So I used RULES.ini to edit properties of missle silo [MSLO] and I put values like TechLevel=7 to produce it. So in campaign I was able to build missle silo, but no superweapon Nuclear Bomb showed up. I ve made up my mind and in [MSLO] I have added value Primary=ICBM. So I was able to build nuclear missle silo, so did I, and I got icon of nuclear strike superaweapon but ... when it loaded and I clicked strike on enemy base nothing happened Despite missle started from silo, I noticed it, it didnt fall down and hit base with nuke, like it flew into space and never came back. Now I dont know how to change red alert rules or maybe something else too, to make nuclear strike able in campaign. I hope somebody will solve it, maybe Nyegurds knows whats going on So what to do with Rules.ini or other files to get nuclear strike in singleplayer scenarios (campaign, Counterstrike, Aftermath or customer mission) ? EDIT : I've almost fogot, I have Red Alert 3.03
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