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  1. Hey i got it to work! I Installed the XWIS one and the one from this site and put the files from this one with the XWIS, downloaded the movies and added them to the mix and voila, runs perfect! Thanks everyone for the help i really appreciate that.
  2. like put them both in the same SUN folder or...?
  3. yeah it worked but the whole reason was kinda to get firestorm. if i wanted to play the original, i'd just pop in the disk. i don't want to seem picky or ungrateful or anything.
  4. When i do install it there's this blue and yellow shield on the main shortcut and game.exe if that means anything...
  5. :mad: Also, when i try to install the cutscenes, it literally takes hours, and then it times out and will not install.
  6. yes Game.ICD does exist in the folder. I have a gateway laptop, with windows 7.
  7. I reinstalled, ran as administrator, now it says "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)". The top of the error window reads "GAME.ICD - Application Error".
  8. i tried this, it didn't work, but i have transparent bars all over the menu, or any menu that comes up. I can still play the game perfectly, but i have to kind of "feel around" because i can't see most of the menu.
  9. no it didn't work, it still says the same thing.
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