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  1. I'm trying to figure out what some of these triggers are doing in the missions for TD. Most of it seems straight forward although i have some questions. In the picture above my main concern is "loop" since i have no idea what that is doing, and i'm not to sure about "guard" right now im guessing it makes the units hold position and guard for a time period?
  2. YAY! Good to see there is some kind of solution to play TS now, i will have to try this out on my Win8 machine (running linux on this machine now ). To think when i first mentioned this issue people thought i was crazy.
  3. Ok so i was messing with Twisted Insurrection (mod for Tiberian Sun) and i was able to get the game in a somewhat closer to playable state. I enabled 16-bit colour in the compatibility tab for the TI_Launcher, and ran the game in windowed mode (fullscreen still suffers from mission menus) apart from the lag which maybe could be fixed with the CnC Graphics Patch. (and the fact that the game is windowed) It's all running well, so this is closer to being playable on windows 8.
  4. So uhh no ideas for a solution yet ?
  5. Well i have never had this happen on Windows 7 i have seen Tiberian Sun run fine on at least 5 Windows 7 PCs. It's just with Windows 8 i have had this issue.
  6. Ok so i have tested it on the following systems all with the same issue. System 1: AMD Phenom II 965 16GB RAM nVidia GTX460 SLi Windows 8 Consumer Preview System 2A: AMD Phenom II 555 8GB RAM nVidia 9800GTX+ Windows 8 RTM System 2B: Same as 2A but with nVidia GTX460 System 3: AMD A8-3870K 8GB RAM HD 6550D (Integrated in APU) Windows 8 RTM
  7. Ok, so im using the latest nVidia Drivers 302.Somthing. This time with a GTX 460 not the 9800GTX+ (same PC) i get the same result, im going to try it out on another PC i have running windows 8 the main difference being that is GPU is a AMD. and yes i have the graphics patch applied.
  8. Pretty sure that PC has nVidias 300 drivers of some version. I'll check later on and update them if there is something newer and try again.
  9. So no one has any ideas as to why this happens?
  10. I didn't download it i installed it from my First Decade disc then applied the unofficial 1.03 patch.
  11. Here is a short video which shows the issue, the only control i have on these invisible menu screens is "esc" to go back and "enter" to continue xD http://youtu.be/dDZ_H0HhBjo Also i will list my system specs here, and this game worked fine on this same system running Windows 7. AMD Phenom II X2 555 @ 3.2Ghz 8GB DDR3-1333 nVidia GeForce 9800GTX+ ASUS Xonar D1
  12. Ok so from googling a bit it looks like no one else has ever seen, or found out about this issue yet. But Tiberian Sun (also RA2) suffers from severe lag in Windows 8 which can be fixed by the CnC Graphics Patch. But Tiberian Sun also has a strange issue where you cannot see the menus. You can start the game pick either firestorm etc. But you can't see any menus that are not the main menu, essentially makes the game unplayable. Although you can start a skirmish if you just hit enter after clicking Skirmish on the main menu, but the options for skirmish and "esc" menu in game all are just invisible. Anyone got any ideas?
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